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midnight snackies

There’s an ancient Japanese proverb that goes like this:

“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”

Founded just over a year ago in May 2014, Midnight Snackies strives to pay homage to the concept that tea is more than just a “wonderful drink” but also something that (in the words of founder, Khai Nguyen) “leaves one’s mind, body, and soul with fulfillment and warmth.”

Crossing paths with Midnight Snackies during my yearly pilgrimage to OMNI Expo, I found myself faced with the dilemma of which teas to take home with me. With over thirty different kinds of teas to choose from, ranging from traditional Black teas to Yerba Matte teas (and flavors from Earl Grey to Caramel Popcorn), the task was not easy. In the end, I stuffed my bag with two: a Black tea called “Red Velvet Raspberry Trifle” and an Oolong tea called “Oolong Peach.”


Red Velvet Raspberry Trifle (Black Tea)

62d7a1_c843854df1c44ccd9eedaf145cb190ca.jpg_srb_p_400_400_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbIf the fact that I cosplay a certain sweet-loving detective in my spare time isn’t enough of an indication, I’ll just come out and say it: I love sugar. Love it to the point that I experience sugar withdrawals if I go without chocolate for more than three days.

When I prepare tea, I always toss in a teaspoon of Teavana’s rock sugar for good measure (that is, if I don’t have a dark chocolate biscotti on-hand). That being said, I’m also partial to trying any new teas “plain” the first time around, so that I can experience their unaltered flavors.

Midnight Snackies’ Red Velvet Raspberry Trifle surprised me in all the best ways. I picked up the tea, hoping for something unique and sugary, and my meager expectations were blown out of the proverbial tea kettle.

This is a Black tea with a thick body and strong, fruity presence—incredible, whether served warm or cold—and carrying a festive sweetness that lingers until the last drop. Rich, with the most subtle of spiciness to back it up, the taste is neither overbearing nor bitter, and any bitterness that is there harkens to the natural bitterness of a raspberry; a truly authentic-tasting tea that rivals the best Teavana can offer. I found myself craving a second cupful directly after consuming my first.

And I didn’t have to (nor want to) add a grain of sugar to it.

My first cup came out so well, in fact, that I was concerned I had steeped a batch that would never again be replicated—that a large chunk of raspberry in the mix should be credited for the flawless flavor. To my relief, my second cup came out every bit as tasty and soothing. Red Velvet Raspberry Trifle lends itself well to novice tea-makers, and doesn’t become embittered, even when steeped past the recommended time.

In addition, it should be noted that this is a very festive tea—one that would fill a kitchen with a warm, aromatic flavor at Christmas or Thanksgiving time, and one that I highly recommend purchasing for such an occasion.

In terms of flavor, aroma, and ease of preparation alone, I cannot recommend this tea enough. In fact, I will go so far as to call this the best tea I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.


Oolong Peach (Oolong Tea)

62d7a1_104aa5ede99d4ca495c1dd148fa8f11b.jpg_srb_p_400_400_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbTraditionally a Taiwanese tea, Oolong is renowned for its strong, sharp, and often bitter flavor. Having only tried Chai/Oolong blends in the past, I had not braced myself for the strength of Oolong Peach, and, six steeps later, still have not gotten this tea to its “perfect” texture and flavor.

Oolong Peach, unlike the previously-discussed Black tea, does not lend itself so kindly to beginners. My first attempt resulted in a weak, watery tea, and my second through fourth resulted in something astringent.

Determined not to give up, I ran a quick web search on Oolong tea and discovered the ideal steeping temperature to be 180 degrees (I had been steeping at 212, as recommended by Midnight Snackies). With nothing to lose, I turned down the heat and steeped the tea for a good three minutes. The result was slightly weak, but the bitterness had softened into something much more comfortable on my tongue.

Upon trying a sip of Oolong that had been steeping for over ten minutes, however, the result was too bitter to finish. It’s important to note that Oolong is a traditionally bitter tea, and if a more pungent flavor is your… er… “cup of tea,” then you’ll likely find it very agreeable. I struggled to find the happy medium between “too weak” and “too bitter,” and more often than not over-steeped my tea leaves. According to this person, however, a good Oolong will grow more intense, but not more bitter, upon over-steeping it. Whether or not that’s a reflection of the tea itself or the knowledge of the author, I cannot say.

Furthermore, this is not a tea I recommend serving iced. Quality Oolongs are best served hot, and this one is no exception.

Bitter upon consumption, sweet in its aftertaste, Oolong Peach isn’t a tea I’ll likely pick up again, but if you love your Oolong—and love it strong—then this is certainly a blend I’d recommend.


The Verdict

Perhaps my largest regret is that I only picked up two teas from Midnight Snackies to sample. I’m irresistibly, can’t-pull-me-away-with-a-team-of-oxen, in love with its Red Velvet Raspberry Trifle—and will purchase another bag of it next time I see this company at a local Con—but have nothing spectacular to say of its Oolong Peach. I understand that this boils down to personal taste, as tea varies from one consumer to the next, and I would not allow my preferences to keep me from highly recommending Midnight Snackies as a tea company.

FIMG_0124lavors and tea aside, the only other thing I found worth noting is a lack of information on how to prepare the tea. Fortunately, I thought to check the official Midnight Snackies website online, or else I would have been preparing both teas blind. Including a simple slip of paper, containing individual preparation directions and ingredients per tea type, would be invaluable for consumers.

Midnight Snackies has the tenacity and flavor to easily rival big-name tea distributors like Teavana. If you’re an unashamed fanboy/fangirl and connoisseur of tea, and looking for a way for your two biggest passions to meet in the middle, then Midnight Snackies is the way to go. They’re a conscientious business that lauds fandom in one hand and tea in the other. Definitely recommended.

Disclaimer: This review was written while the author was drinking a delicious cup of hot Red Velvet and Raspberry Tea. Florida Geek Scene is not responsible for the sugar high and all other “things nice” that resulted from its consumption.

Check out the official Midnight Snackies website (and order tea) here.
Follow Midnight Snackies on Facebook here.


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