Mindquakes & Dreamscapes #1

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 8/10

The Siren and The Satyr steals the show for me.

The better story gets so much less space!

Mindquakes & Dreamscapes #1
(W) Jackson Compton, (CA) Lauren Kathleen Dale, (A) Natasha Alterici, Katrina Heilhecker
Enigma Endeavors Productions

The first issue of Mindquakes & Dreamscapes collects two quick stories of fantasy and wonder to entertain the reader for a few pages. They’re both a bit on the cute side, but neither is likely to stick with the reader for long after finishing. The book serves as a nice diversion, but it’s a shame things are over as quickly as they began.

The two art styles are entirely different, but both of them are good enough. Felis Catus suffers a bit for a lack of detail, but that becomes less of a problem in the dream world where things should be bright and shiny and purely colorful. The Siren and The Satyr features much more detail and far less colorful, but it does an excellent job of making those few colors count.

The stories are a bit light, but they have a sweet message, and definitely leave you with a bit of warmth. Again, The Siren & The Satyr is my favorite, conveying such a story without words is a true feat.

It’s a shame that the better of the two stories gets so much less space, but I still find the book worth buying just for it. There’s nothing objectionable about Felis Catus, but it does fail to impress, and I don’t think I could recommend buying it alone. As it is though, it’s a nice bonus for picking up a superb short comic, and doing so supports the series, which I hope to see a lot more of.



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