Mockingbird #1

9 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Dialogue: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Another smart, fun book with a serious female lead.

Poor Herc!

(W) Chelsea Cain, (A) Kate Niemczyk
(C) Joelle Jones, Afu Chan, Jeff Dekal, Skottie Young,
John Tyler Christopher, Kirbi Fagan
Marvel Comics

It breaks my heart that this book stands so poorly on its own, as it’s more than a little confusing without the follow up chapters needed to make sense out of it all. I’m afraid that may be off-putting to many, and that’s a crying shame. This book, and this hero, deserve to be read.

This volume, as clearly revealed at the end, is meant to be digested over the weeks as the rest of the story is released, and is non-repentant of the fact that is makes NO sense until then. You’re even asked to re-read this issue after #4, just so you can get everything you missed. It’s a bold move, and it’s a fun touch, I just hope it pays off.

So, with no story worth mentioning, at least for now, the strength of the character is all that will hold this book up, and let me say right now, that it does so perfectly. Mockingbird shows every sign of being as cool, witty, and bad ass as any of the Marvel giants. And the art is amazing. Everything about this book that can shine while we wait for more, does.

The female half of the super hero world may be getting a lot of attention lately, and I do think some of them will be just a flash in the pan, dropped the next time the market sways in the wind. Mockingbird is one I hope to see around after that, and one I feel absolutely deserves to be.



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