Mr. Crypt #1

8.6 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Story: 9/10
Dialogue: 8/10

Clear Art Style | Story for All Ages

Dialogue is a bit childish

Mr. Crypt #1

Writer: Troy Vevasis

Art: Aleksandar Jovic

Alterna Comics




The curious and kind-hearted skeleton, Mr. Crypt, arrives just in time for the Halloween season! Written by Troy Vevasis, author of Ghostly Comics and Tales of Trolik, Mr. Crypt offers smiles and laughs on his unlucky journey being recently raised from the dead. After befriending a starving rat, will Mr. Crypt ever find his way in a world where everyone wants to put him back in the ground?


On a stormy night in 1932 a bright crack of lighting shoots down into a graveyard resulting in a skeleton climbing out from the soil, scared and lost. He figures someone in town will know how he came to be, but the townsfolk react brutally at the sight of a skeleton walking down the street and chase him into hiding.


After the skeleton loses the townsfolk by hiding in a nearby tailor shop, he dons a tux and a mustache to hide his ghoulish appearance. From then on, he adopts the name of Mr. Crypt and befriends a starving rat, Baron Rat, and his tale of trying to find his place in the living world begins.


This story is a heart-warming one, as at every turn in his journey he is shunned and chased like a monster, readers can’t help but feel sorry for him as he tries to find out just how he came to be. The art style is clear and crisp and fits the theme of the story. The dialogue gives readers the feeling that this story is meant for all audiences and ages, with no sense of mature language or adult concepts. This is definitely a comic that the whole family can enjoy!



Mr. Crypt Cover Art


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