MunchPak March 2015

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14 quality snacks and candies from a variety of countries (13) | Onion pie crackers were awesome | Low-cost box with free shipping


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Theme “Popular Candy & Snacks From Around The World. Delivered Monthly.”

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IMG_20150319_114850Unlike some boxes that are snacks and candies from one specific country, MunchPak is a world-tour of edibles. With multiple options their original box is 10+ full-size snacks for $19.95, a smaller 5+ box for $9.95 and a family pak with 20+ snacks.

For this review I was sent the original 10+ box which was surprisingly heavy. It’s roughly the same size as most boxes but more squarish.


IMG_20150319_115153Herr’s Ketchup Chips

From the USA is potato chips that tasted exactly like french fries dipped in Ketchup. I mean EXACTLY like it.



IMG_20150319_115232Jack ‘n Jill Chippy BBQ Flavor

These Frito-like chips from the Philipines taste like BBQ flavored fritos covered in salt.



IMG_20150319_115302Gastone Lago Elledi Cocoa Poker Wafers

From Italy comes chocolate in between two crispy wafers.


IMG_20150319_115344Ease Taste Onion Pie Crackers

My favorite item in the box was these onion pie flavored crackers from Taiwan. I have no idea what Onion pie is but these crackers taste like a slightly sweet onion. Sort’ve like if you took just the inside of an onion ring and made it crunchy.



IMG_20150319_115421Argo Choco Dream Candy

Polish chocolate candies filled with chocolate cream filling.




IMG_20150319_115503Viktorija Nykstukas Biscuits

Lithuanian biscuit cookies for dipping in coffee or serving with tea.


IMG_20150319_115536Eiffel Bon Bons Apple

From France comes chewy apple candies with a tart center.




IMG_20150319_115615Haribo Roulette

German gummy rings that are similar to Life Savers.


IMG_20150319_115650Cajillions Strawberry

These Chinese strawberry candies are the size of Nerds but chewy instead of crunchy.


IMG_20150319_115720Pocky Milk

The most well-known item in the box is Taiwan’s milk-flavored Pocky. Pretzel sticks covered in a sweet cream coating.




This fancy Mexican candy is like a rolled up Hazelnut flavored Kit Kat.IMG_20150319_115825

IMG_20150319_115842Rip Rolls Rainbow

From Thailand is this sweet and sour licorice with four different flavors. I know I’ve had something like this before but can’t think of the name.



IMG_20150319_120343It’s hard to find out the exact retail value with 14 items from 13 different countries but I can tell you this box is a great value. It would be a huge pain to try to find these items individually and pretty expensive when you consider they are full-size servings and not the small trial sizes.

If your taste buds are adventurous and you’d like to try fun snack foods from across the globe, subscribe to MunchPak!

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Disclosure: A complimentary MunchPak was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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