Negative Space #1

9.7 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 9/10
Story: 10/10

Fresh and unique. One of the most engaging, creative, and well-executed books I have read to date.

Context needs some more development.

Negative Space #1
(W)Ryan Lindsay, (A/CA)Owen Gieni
Dark Horse Comics

Trigger Warning: This review contains mentions of suicide.

Negative Space #1 is about a man named Guy and his attempt to commit suicide. However, he is cursed with writer’s block and fails to write his suicide note, so he goes out to find some inspiration…or maybe a sign that he doesn’t need to kill himself. However, a secret conspiracy organization dedicated to collecting despair is determined to make sure that Guy does indeed kill himself. Negative Space kept me fully engaged from beginning to end. It had a way of transitioning from scene to scene that was just so fluid. The plot idea is not only interesting, but unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Many new ideas like this are squandered through poor execution, but writer Ryan K Lindsay does a a superb job of telling his story. Negative Space is fresh, creative, and thoughtful,

The dialogue and narration for the book is also well-executed. Guy’s emotions are beautifully expressed through the narration. The book’s dialogue radiates personality that is unique to each character that is uttering it. However, a little more development is needed to clarify what is happening. The dialogue was a little confusing in the first few pages, as it was not complemented by the visuals. Even whilst the reader is engrossed in the story, he may not fully understand the context of the plot without reading the Dark Horse description of the book.

The art for the book is well-suited for its story. Detailed and mesmerizing, the art captures the emotions and feel of the book in a unique way. The colors are well-matched to each scene and the characters are realistically varied. The book features people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each character has a physical appearance that is reminiscent of his or her personality. I applaud the artist, as the art is one of the most important factors in keeping the reader engaged in the story. Negative Space is one of the most engaging books I have read as of recent, and I recommend all FGS readers to go out and pick it up. I, for one, have already added it to my pull list.




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