5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/10
Graphics: 5/10
Replay Value: 4/10

Fun game, good graphics and lot's of wisecracks.

Awful controls, and gameplay is shabby.



NeverDead is a game that Konami was really pushing throughout late 2011, the game trailers looked awesome and the game itself looked real fun. In NeverDead you play as Bryce Boltzmann a human demon hunter who is cursed with immortality and has lived for over 500 years and works for an Anti-Demon Agency, his boss is the gamer nerd eye-candy of the game, her name is Arcadia Maximille and the object of the game is to pretty much do the missions which she gives you and keep her alive.

Arcadia is annoying and talks a lot of crap and then get’s hurt, Bryce is a wisecracking gun toting asshole with cool weapons and an interesting look. As an immortal Bryce lives on way too long in the game because when he get’s hit by a bad guy or an arsenal of bad guys, he falls apart, literally. Limb by limb, Bryce loses all of them, oh and he can detach them himself for various reasons, usually to make it through crawl spaces or throw an arm or a leg which when on contact with an enemy blows up.

The game gets annoying because it really doesn’t take too much for you to lose a limb or just be blown in to pieces, and then you have to chase down your body parts and put yourself back together, as long as Arcadia doesn’t die and you still have your head, the game just goes on and on. It’s come to the point where I just want to die because the game is a loop, and I try to make it fun.

Some of the bad guys are cool looking, for the most part you fight these demon dogs which look like they are giant rock banana’s with skinny legs (I wonder if the programmers of the game meant this as a joke?) they are basically banana looking things with shark like teeth, then you fight these plant creatures which look like Triffids from the classic horror film “Day of the Triffids” and the bad guys just get stupider as they go down the line, well, except for some of the bosses, they are okay, and some can just take you a part in a second, but once you figure out the moves, your okay.

Let’s talk about the moves, pretty shitty controls this game has. It’s your typical run and shoot, but the right control stick just messes the game up for me because of the camera angles, even if you switch it, it seems to be a pain in the ass. When you lose limbs it’s even worse when you’re trying to put yourself back together. The good thing about this game is that it’s relatively fun after you understand the botched controls, but once you beat it, it’s kind of down hill unless you wait a few months to play it again. As I played this game it began to remind of a classic SEGA game which was almost the same idea, anyone remember Decapattack? You didn’t lose all your limbs, but you did lose your head, if you’re interested in NeverDead, I have to say that it’s definite rental material, oh and if it matters to you, the soundtrack is by the band Megadeth.


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