Of Stone #1

7 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 7/10
Story: 7/10

Excellent job of creating an alien tone.

Story's a bit simple for most of the book.

Of Stone #1
Art: D.A. Bishop
Writer: D.A. Bishop
Renerd Comics

Gan, an Ogre, hunts his enemy in the snowy wilderness. This encounter will change his fate, and that of his people, forever.

Of Stone actually manages to pack a decent little story into the last few pages of the book, but overall the pace is painfully slow. We spend far too much time alone with one character while he silently stalks his prey, and once things get rolling, we just kind of walk away. It’s not a bad little adventure, but it leaves you feeling like all the best stuff happened before or will happen after.

The art tends to be a little dark, using shadows to hide the lack of detail. The characters are detailed enough, but the shading is too stark, often going from brightest light to darkest shadow in a single step. The backgrounds may be simple on purpose, but the sense of alienation that creates is awful for the reader having any connection to the world they’re supposed to be in. Our lead character may be alone in the world, but we don’t get a strong sense of how dangerous that world is. It’s not without promise, but it does feel a little amateurish throughout.

Sure, there are weaknesses here, but what bothers me most is the lost chance to read more. It’s a shame not to explore the most interesting revelations of the story, as if all this set up was for nothing. Of Stone isn’t a bad book, not at all, but all it accomplishes in the end is to tease the reader of better things left unsaid.



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