OmNomBox March 2015

9.7 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Variety: 10/10

Huge box | Large variety with 11 different treats | A full can of Thai Tea | Fun mystery DIY kit

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Subscription Box OmNomBox

Theme “Yummy Asian snacks Delivered monthly”

Price $25

Shipping FREE (US)

IMG_20150321_134444Instead of just including Japanese candies, OmNomBox is a subscription box service for candy from nearly every Asian country. They select edibles from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more. Every month also includes at least one mystery “DIY kit”.

The box is HUGE, it’s flat but almost like a small attache case. The outside of the box features their logo and name printed.

IMG_20150321_134531 IMG_20150321_134618

Ramune Morinaga BottleIMG_20150321_135803

This plastic Ramune (soda) bottle is full of Morinaga candies. The candies are fizzy lemon-lime flavored.



IMG_20150321_134651Kimbo Thai Tea Drink

This is a full can sized can of Thai Tea which is a strong black tea mixed with sweetened condensed milk. I LOVE THAI TEA. I love it to the point that I still bug Keurig to make Thai Tea K-Cups.



Strawberry Milk CrunchIMG_20150321_135737

Leave it to Japan to make more varieties of our normal candies. This is pretty straight forward, a strawberry flavored Nestle Crunch.



Green Tea SashaIMG_20150321_135713

Chocolate with a light green tea coating.


Fujiya Pop CandyIMG_20150321_135644

Fruit flavored lollypops.


Little Prince Bacon RamenIMG_20150321_135611

Dried Bacon flavored Ramen that you don’t have to cook!




Glico Giant PockyIMG_20150321_135132

If you like the chocolate covered pretzel Pocky, you’ll love giant Pocky. It’s Pocky… but giant.


Hello Kitty Marshmallow Lotte PieIMG_20150321_135039

Very similar to the Moon Pie. This Hello-Kitty themed pie is marshmallow in between two soft cookies and covered in chocolate.



White Chocolate Wafer PieIMG_20150321_135006

Lemon-filled wafers with a white chocolate coating.




Jagabee Potato CrispsIMG_20150321_134924

French fry-like potato sticks with included ketchup packets!



Mystery Japanese DIY Kit GrapeNeruneru-neIMG_20150321_134808

This month’s Mystery DIY kit is Grape Nerunerunerune! DIY kits are interactive treats that you either make yourself or play with. This is a grape flavored goo you mix together with the included stirrer and try then dip in sugar crystals.

Oh Japan, everything you do is adorable.


Kauai Kauai 5-SpiceIMG_20150321_134715

I really thought this was going to be popcorn but it’s actually similar to cheetos puffs with a 5-Spice flavor instead of cheese. Very different but very tasty.



IMG_20150321_14053611 different Asian treats including multiple full-size servings and even a drink. It’s hard to gauge the value but i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to buy these individually for under $25 at any specialty Asian store or convention. Just about everything included was awesome including Thai Tea which is one of my personal favorite drinks.

If you have adventurous taste buds and love Asian snacks, I recommend OmNomBox 100%.

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As a surprising bonus, my cat really loves the OmNomBox’s box. I think it’s the purple wrapping paper.


Disclosure: A complimentary Om Nom Box Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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