Pinky Swear

6 Overall Score
Acting: 7/10
Writing: 4/10
Directing: 6/10

The acting is decent.

Story. Sound was poorly recorded at times.

Pinky Swear – Short (2016)

Written and Directed by: Chuck Jett

Joshua Powell, Laura Cooly, Brooke August, Kevin Perkins, Darrel O’Troth


Dr. Phillip Harris (Joshua Powell) is having a hard time dealing with the loss of his wife.  His bereavement support group doesn’t seem to help.  He struggles with the inevitable decision of moving on.  When a new love interest, Carly (Brook August), comes along, he seemingly does better, until her infidelity sends him on a darker path.

The film opens on a close up of Phillip examining the remains of a bat, setting the viewer up for a trip down the macabre.  Unfortunately, the quick and brief three act structure doesn’t allow for much of that to occur.  It seems more like an afterthought tacked on in the end.  Aside from the opening shot of the film, which plays like a flash forward, there is no indication that Phillip will go down this dark path.  This makes the third act seem out of place.  Phillip’s difficulty dealing with his emotions is not enough to make me believe the outcome of this story.

The first two acts of the film are decent enough, and it gave the story many different places it could go.  The support group scene was interesting, because the focus seemed to revolve around the group leader Marc (Darrel O’Troth) whose goal it seems is more about selling copies of his book.  Towards the end of the scene he offers to sign their copies and reminds the group of the various formats it is available in.  Aside from this, we are also introduced to Carly in this scene, who had also dated someone else from their group before Phillip.

Sadly, much like it’s protagonist, Pinky Swear fails to deal with any real emotions, sacrificing growth for a cheap horror thrill (which really wasn’t that thrilling).




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