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Designed by card game players for card game players, they are quickly becoming known as one top case makers on the market.

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Pirate Lab Logo Large Card Case

Retail: $69.99 w/ Compartment or 3-Row Max Capacity Tray ($59.99 Without Foam Tray)

Pirate Lab was created with one goal in mind: to make better carrying cases for gamers.  We’re a collaboration between players, industrial designers, and manufacturing geeks. We’re so far gone that we started our own manufacturing plant in China so that we could have total control over every single aspect of the entire process. We’re proud to build the best and best-intentioned cases in the world.

Pirate Lab makes a full line of gaming-related accessories but their main items are their small and large card game storage cases. Designed by players for players, they are quickly becoming known as one top case makers on the market. In particular for Magic the Gathering players. I’ll be reviewing both the small and large cases and taking a look at Pirate Lab’s full line of gaming related accessories.


This case features the large Pirate Lab logo which is screened on. The material is a thick water-resistant polyester. There’s a thick rubber handle, adjustable padded strap, metal hardware and even zipper protectors. This is built to take a beating.

Besides the large logo design, the small case is available with “White Knight”, “Balance”, “Black Zombie”, “Blue Wizard”, “Green Elf”, “Red Dragon”, small logo, red, blue or striped art designs.





The rear zippered section differs greatly on the large case from the small in that it has a strap that perfectly holds a rolled playmat and it’s big enough to fit a normal sized card binder. There’s also the pen holder slots like the small case. The main zippered section has another large pocket and the large area where the foam tray is inserted.




One of the biggest draws of the Pirate Lab Cases is the high quality foam insert and dividers. This EVA foam is really durable and the dividers fit quite nicely. The tray is available as compartments or 3 rows for max storage. I like the compartment option since you can store smaller accessories in addition to the decks.



After reviewing both the small and large cases, I feel the small would be better for a casual game with friends or even Friday Night Magic at your favorite store. The larger case is a great value since you’re getting a lot more size for only $10 more. The small case fits 4 120 card boxes or 6 80 card boxes while the large case fits 9 120 card boxes or 6 80 card boxes.

As far as the price goes, it seems high but you’re getting what you pay for in quality. This is a well-built, meticulously crafted bag made specifically with a serious trading card game player in mind.


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In addition to their card game storage cases, Pirate Lab has a full line of accessories.

IMG_20151125_142820Blue Card Binder (20 9-Card Pages)

Retail: $13.65

Sturdy hard-plastic binder with 9 double-sided pages of 20 card side-loading sleeves with enough room for sleeved cards. Has an elastic strap that keeps the cards from falling out. The sleeve count isn’t adjustable but it fits 360 cards without taking up much space.

Also available in black.



IMG_20151125_143912Pirate Lab Card Sleeves (50-Pack)

Retail: $4.50

Glossy sleeves with a white interior and a black back with a nice print of the Pirate Lab logo. I tend to prefer matte sleeves but these feel pretty sturdy and aren’t difficult to shuffle.



IMG_20151125_144303Pirate Lab Dice Bag

Retail: $4.99

Soft dice bag with draw-string closure and the Pirate Lab logo sewn on.


IMG_20151125_14483780 Card Deck Box

Retail: $1.75

Made of crush-resistant plastic and includes a divider. Perfect size for a sleeved 60 card Standard deck with a 15 card sideboard. I dig the large print of the Pirate Lab logo on the side.

Available in black, blue, green, red & white.


IMG_20151125_145107120 Card Deck Box

Retail: $2.15

Made of crush-resistant plastic and includes a divider. Perfect size for a Commander / EDH deck. Like the smaller box, this has the large print of the Pirate Lab logo on the side.

Available in black, blue, green, red & white.


IMG_20151126_034823Pirate Lab Playmat

Standard size gaming playmat with a large well-screened print of the Pirate Lab logo.

Also available with their Balance, Black Zombie, Blue Wizard, Green Elf, Red Dragon & White Knight art designs.

Retail: $14.99


Disclosure: Complimentary Pirate Lab Products were given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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