Powered Geek Box November 2015

9 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Variety: 10/10

UFO Kit | Drinking Dice | 2 Controllers | Tetris Magnets | Candy | GI Joe Shirt | Doctor Who Funko POP!


Subscription Box Powered Geek Box

Theme “Nerd & Geek Gifts”

Price $19.95 (Deluxe) | $29.95 (Premium)

Shipping $6.95 (Deluxe) | $9.95 (Premium)

IMG_20151125_154738Powered Geek Box is the recently relaunched Power Up Box. It’s a geek & gamer subscription box service with multiple options. They have a Deluxe box for $19.95 with 4-6 items and a $29.95 premium box with 6-9 items and a t-shirt. Both boxes have discounts for longer subscriptions.

The Powered Geek Box is large in size and weight and features their logo on the top and sides.

Before the relaunch, we last reviewed the Power Up Box in April.


IMG_20151125_155248Funko POP!

A staple of many subscription boxes is this adorable Adipose from Doctor Who.


IMG_20151125_155526Touch Control Joystick

This keychain joystick sticks to your phone screen and let’s you control the games similar to an arcade controller.


IMG_20151125_155808Stress Controller

A squishy foam stress controller in the shape of a classic joystick.


IMG_20151125_155823Family Guy Drinking Dice Game

Fun Family Guy themed drinking dice game.


IMG_20151125_155848Build Your Own Flying UFOs

This kit let’s you make your own unique flying UFO and gives you Guinness challenges to use your creation to break a record.


IMG_20151125_155913Tetris Magnets

Tetris magnets so you can make it look like someone was playing on your fridge. I love Tetris and think these are fantastic.







Official G.I. Joe shirt featuring the Cobra logo in a distressed print.








Bonus candy with Zots, Atomic Warhead and a piece of Bazooka Gum.





IMG_20151125_155211A fun UFO kit, drinking dice game, 2 controllers, Tetris Magnets, candy, a GI Joe shirt and a Doctor Who Funko POP! Powered Geek Box featured a wide-variety of items this month. I loved the Tetris magnets and the UFO kit is pretty cool.

If you’re a fan of the geek-themed boxes like Nerd Block & Loot Crate, check out Powered Geek Box.


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Disclosure: A complimentary Powered Geek Box Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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