Remco Toys Spotlight: LOST IN SPACE [ROBOT TOY] 1966

8 Overall Score
Articulation: 2/10
Paint: 5/10
Sculpt: 8/10

The sculpt of the toy is pretty much right on.

Each toy cast came in different colors and no real articulation.

Remco Toys Spotlight!


Even though it was a bit before my time, the show was not lost to me.. I remember watching the reruns of LOST IN SPACE quite often, through out my childhood, teenage years and now as an adult. I’m sure like myself, many fans remember the robot, whether you were born in the sixties, seventies or eighties!

In saying that, I now spotlight this wonderful toy, produced by Remco in 1966!


This side profile sample shows the color plastics in reverse from the robot above, which was often the case in each robot sold.

Facts About The Toy

Remco hadn’t stuck with the original colors of the robot, as you would have thought, instead the colors of the plastic robot included blue, black and red [it had appeared in all black plastic as well].

Mechanical parts included forward movement and blinking chest light, which ran on two “D” size batteries, the battery compartment being in the robot’s feet.

_ _ _

Now kids could join the ‘Lost in Space’ adventure with their own toy robot, thanks to Remco!


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