Justice Society Vol.1 – TPB

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Justice Society
Volume 1 – TPB
DC Comics

Hello all, and welcome to my first retro-classic comic book review. This review will cover the Justice Society Vol. 1 TPB, released by DC Comics in 2006.

This trade in a nutshell covers the first 1/2 of the All-Star Comics title revival by DC in 1976, from issue #’s 58-67, as well as issue #29 of DC Special (last issue), which covered the never before revealed JSA’s secret origin. This trade was interesting because the JSA, having been revived in Flash (vol.1) issue #’s 129 (mentioned) and 137 (first full reappearance as a team), finally had their original title in which they had appeared in from 1940-51, revived after many years of only appearing as a team in Justice League of America (vol.1) via the annual JLA/JSA xovers.

This trade covers stories ranging from the return of Brainwave and Per Degaton, to Robin (in a new costume based off of a story from JLA (vol.1) issues #91/92), Star Spangled Kid, and new heroine Power Girl (created by Gerry Conway and Wally Wood as a doppelganger to Earth-1’s Supergirl) forming the Super Squad, with JSA members in it until issue #66, in which the book reverts to featuring everyone as JSA members. The series also features the return of Vandal Savage, the Injustice Society of America (with members the Wizard, Icicle 1(Joar Mahkent), Thinker, and Solomon Grundy), as well as new threats like Vulcan, and inner Earth-2. The trade also goes into the beginning of the return of Psycho Pirate 2 (Roger hayden), as he faces off vs. the JSA w/GL Alan Scott under his control after he loses his company Gotham Broadcasting due to the recession. The Earth-2 Superman also makes an several issue appearance as he gives his blessing to P.G. to take his place on the JSA.

Overall, this trade is worth getting if you want to know more about the JSA’s adventures outside of the annual JLA/JSA xovers in JLA (vol.1). Next up: Vol.2

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