Raygun #1

10 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 10/10
Story: 10/10

black & white | relatable characters

Raygun #1
Written by: Gregory Schoen
Pencils & Colors by: Alonso Molina
Inks & Letters by: Paulo Lopez
Alterna Comics

Matthew Baker has a lot of problems. A new school, bullies, and dealing with a father he barely knows; it’s a lot to deal with for any ten-year-old. But when he stumbles upon Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray, will it lead to his salvation or his destruction?

Raygun is an emotional and exciting beginning to what promises to be an epic tale! It all starts off in 1917 with armed men approaching a building. Inside the building, a frantic scientist surrounded by bolts of electricity is muttering to himself about betrayal and his prized work being attacked. The armed men outside try to bomb their way in, but not before Nikola Tesla himself sends his work to the future in a massive explosion of electricity!

In the present day, the focus shifts to a young boy, Matthew, who is sent away by his mother to live with his father that he barely knows. In a new town surrounded by unfamiliar people, things definitely don’t go as expected on his first day of school…bullies, broken noses, and the mysterious history of Matthew will keep readers interested for sure! Matthew’s serendipitous adventure starts off with a field trip to the Nikola Tesla museum!

This issue is in black and white, which works splendidly with the historical nature of the story and still manages to capture the emotional state of Matthew during his journey. The writing is fantastic, featuring other historical characters that managed to learn how to time travel!



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