Star Fox Limited Edition Fox McCloud Stone Statue

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Detailed, accurate sculpt blends old with new | Limited edition | Resin-stone sculpt | Perfect for die-hard fans | Finally, a Star Fox figurine!

Paint bleeds and fails to fill in details | Too pricy for the quality | Base suggests unecessary assembly

“We’re heading out. All aircraft report.”

It’s a good year to be a Star Fox fan. With the promise of Star Fox Zero, Nintendo is dusting off its favorite furries and putting them back in the cockpit after a ten-year hiatus. Surprisingly, the return of Fox and the gang has warranted some new merchandise as well, something Star Fox has never been lucky enough to see much of. Articulated World of Nintendo figurines, Star Fox amiibos, a light-up Arwing replica from First4Figures… can you hear your wallet crying yet? Then buckle up, ‘cause we’re diving into Nintendo’s newest, most ambitious Star Fox figurine yet.


To summarize—dark and sleek. Various close-ups and full-body shots of Fox scale each of its four sides, backed by a black background that vibes of outer space. A lack of windows makes it impossible to peer within and get a glimpse of the figurine, but this also adds to the figurine’s “adult-collector” credibility and fragility.

An official Nintendo seal and the Star Fox Zero logo stand out amidst the otherwise dark background. Legal information is cleanly and tastefully printed on the bottom side of the package and out of sight, with the only visible print detailing Fox McCloud as a character, along with his designation as a limited edition figurine.

starfox limited edition figure box

Paint Job

As this figurine is hand-painted, it does suffer from human error in places. Colors bleed outside their lines and a few smaller details don’t quite fill with color. Fox’s fur holds up better than his jacket and headset, as the bleeding only makes the fur look more natural. A lack of shading gives the paint a simplistic, and occasionally splotchy, look.


This is a fixed-pose sculpture crafted from resin-stone. As a result, it is as fragile as it is immobile. Zero’s Fox bears a nostalgic blend of NES-era and N64-era with just the right amount of modernization to draw in a new generation of gamers. It’s a compromise, but one that ultimately works without alienating one audience or the other. The fine details are all there—from the buttons on Fox’s leather gloves to the emblem on his flight jacket. His fur has a chiseled, textured look to it, which contrasts well with his piloting gear.

A thick, gear-like base with two supporting pegs keeps Fox upright, though the instruction manual recommends gluing Fox to the base with adhesive to ensure he doesn’t tip over. It’s sound advice if the price tag of the figurine seems too much to risk on an accidental break, but some collectors will likely take that gamble rather than permanently fix Fox to his stand. Doing so would make it impossible to return him to his Styrofoam casing, after all. He’s sturdy enough without adhesive, especially if stored in a glass cabinet. Each base is numbered by hand.

starfox zero fox mccloud figurine


Base aside, there’s no additional pieces to speak of. Each figurine does come with a shiny certificate of authentication, however. With only 5,000 made, this little piece of paper makes the words “limited edition” all the more impressive.


Fox’s paint job is his biggest flaw. From a distance, on a shelf, or behind a glass cabinet surrounded by other merch, his imperfections aren’t so noticeable. Up close, though, it’s clear that his red headset bleeds onto his tan fur, that the Star Fox insignia doesn’t quite fill in properly, and that there’s an occasional paint drip or blotch on the flight suit.

The fact that Fox is intended to be glued to his base is an odd touch—one that I assume most collectors will overlook in favor of preserving the figurine and base in their pristine conditions. There’s an ever-so-slight wobble in Fox’s balance; nothing dangerous, per se, but enough to make the more cautious types test the figurine’s durability before officially putting it in their collection. In retrospect, it’s an odd move—perhaps even a cheap one—for Nintendo to require such adhesive assembly rather than (1) making the figure and stand a single piece or (2) making the figurine more durable on the stand itself.


119557bIf your most nostalgic gaming memories include dog fights, barrel rolls, and saving Slippy’s hide, then under no circumstances should you pass up this figurine. I don’t say that simply because it’s a limited collector’s piece, but also because, despite its flaws, it’s an overall solid sculpture and likely to be one of the only Star Fox figurines we’ll ever see (if the past fifteen years have been any indication).

That aside, this figurine comes with a pretty price tag ($80.00) that’s about twice as much as it should be for the quality. At $40,00, Fox’s paint drips and mis-colors would seem much more forgivable, especially when bolstered by the certificate of authenticity and numbered product line. Yes, it’s hand-painted. Yes, it’s limited edition. Yes, it’s cast in stone-resin. And given his sculpt and snazzy presentation, Fox’s price could be utterly justified if not weighed down by the sometimes careless or incomplete painting.

If you’re anything less than a dedicated fan of Nintendo’s dog-fighting furries, then I’d suggest investing in the Fox and Falco amiibo instead. You’ll have a nice, affordable memento, and unlock some bonus content in your favorite Wii U games to boot.

Bottom Line

Perfect for the die-hard fan willing to do the necessary barrel rolls past the proverbial bogies.

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