Revolution: Aw Yeah! #1

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 8/10

Has a great, silly vibe to the entire thing.

Can not be taken too seriously with this cutesy art.

Revolution: Aw Yeah! #1
(W) Art Baltazar (A/CA) Art Baltazar
IDW Publishing

Meanwhile in the Microspace, the evil Baron Karza searches for a magical ancient relic that is rumored to be ultimate power of all existence. His search leads him to the Transformers Universe! Baron Karza’s plan is to attack the Transformers’ leader…OPTIMUS PRIME! How can he do this? He’s so tiny and the Autobots are so huge! Never underestimate his micro power of evil. While in outer space, ROM the Space Knight continues his search for the Dire Wraiths! Guest starring G.I. JOE and the Micronauts!

Revolution: Aw Yeah! #1 is IDW’s all ages attempt to explain the merging of worlds in their comics line. It features all the players from titles such as GI Joe, Transformers, ROM, and Micronauts, but doesn’t look or feel like any of them. I’d call it 1/10 serious explanation and 9/10 Robot Chicken-esque fun.

The childish art may put off many readers, but if you’re willing to look passed that, you’re in for a fun book. It is very simply drawn, but that leaves you with simple, easy to read, shapes, and bright, solid colors. It may be labeled all ages, but this is clearly for the kid inside us all, and if you’ve lost that, you’ve got deeper problems than not enjoying a comic book.

The story is little more than an excuse to bring all the best characters from a variety of worlds together, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Again, this is for fun, pure and simple, and if you’re going to let continuity get in the way of your fun, well… this isn’t the series for you, at all.

Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to say about the series that you can’t tell from the cover. This is a bright and colorful comic full of humor and lite on content. If you want any excuse to read more about Snake Eyes hanging out with Optimus Prime, then you can’t go wrong. But if all you want is to take things seriously, I’d look away – fast.



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