Rise & Shine

8 Overall Score
Audio: 8/10
Art & Design: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Art style | Game play

A little too short.

Rise & Shine
Developer: Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Platform: PC (reviewed)
Release: Jan 13th 2017

Game received from publisher

Rise & Shine is a 2d side scrolling cover shooter. You play as Rise, a 10 year old boy that acquires the magic gun Shine. Rise has to save his planet Gamearth from an evasion of space grunts from the planet Nexgen. Shine is a magic talking gun that grants it’s wielder the power of infinite respawns, except for Shine’s last owner who dies saving Rise and some other civilians in a mall and gives Shine to Rise.

This game is big on video game references, to the identities of the king and Rise’s father, your planet being called Game Earth with the invading forces being from Next Gen. Rise is also told that he has a guide watching over and guiding him, referring to the player directly.

The game is made in unity and has a cartoony look to it like Tembo. I had to look up other games made in unity just to be sure that wasn’t the strandard.

The controls are simple, move left and right, dash, jump, pull out your gun and shoot. To shoot you have to hold done the right mouse button and click the left to shoot. Some nights while trying to sleep I would think about the game and my finger would start twitching from all the shooting. The cover shooting works good enough, you press a button to hide behind cover then press and hold the right mouse button to pull out shine and pop out of cover to shoot. Because the game is 2d you don’t have to worry about anyone coming up from behind you but some enemies do shoot in a way that it’s possible to go over your cover and still hit you.

Bosses have 3 health bars so it would be nice if they had check points between health bars but I guess that would lessen the challenge since Rise can only take about 3 hits before dying.

Throughout your adventure Shine picks up his lost upgrades including a new type of ammo, new types of shots used mostly for puzzle solving, a laser sight which is kind of useless since you aim with the mouse anyways and a flashlight that you only use for the cave that you get it in.

The game tries to be difficult for the sake of difficulty things like adding enemies that shoot a lot of bullets at once and are hard to hit into a boss fight while you’re on a timer to hit it in a certain spot or it will regain all it’s health.

All in all it’s a good game if kind of short. There are only about 4 levels. I’d say wait for a sale and pick it up.




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