Road to Ballhalla

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Art Style: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

inverted controls are not a puzzle

Road to Ballhalla
Developer: Torched Hill
Publisher: tinyBuild
Console: PC (reviewed)
Release: Aug 5th 2016

Game provided by publisher

Road to Ballhalla is described as a rhythm based puzzle game that’s a mix of Trails Fusion and Marble Madness which explains why I’m so bad at it. The game is sort of comedy with the use of ball puns for area names.

RTB_Screen (2)

Your goal is to roll your marble to Ballhalla which is past 20 levels of puzzles broken up into 4 worlds with 5 levels each. The puzzles range from waiting for lasers to blink on and off and your controls getting inverted with the camera.

RTB_Screen (3)

Controls are completely keyboard using the arrow keys to move and the x key to boost. The game also has controller support but I never used mine.

Each level also has 8 tokens to earn. You start with 4 tokens with each token being lost per number of respawns and you can earn up to 4 tokens by collecting the orbs throughout the level. Tokens are used to unlock the next areas. You can also collect stars from doing speed runs. More stars unlock more speed runs.

Fan created levels will soon be released via steam workshop, so if you beat the game and don’t want to stop you’ll have the chance to play impossible levels created by people that feel nothing but hate.

There really isn’t much to say about the game, you’re a marble on a quest to go to Ballhalla.

If you like marbles, lasers, puzzles, orbs, check it out on Steam



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