Rochelle #1

9 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

Enjoyable themes | Action

Rochelle #1

Author: John E. Crowther

Art/Lettering: Dell Barras

Cover Art/Coloring: David Hutchison

Antarctic Press


Antarctic Press raids shelves with a spectacular new crimefighting adolescent courtesy of writer John Crowther and legendary artist Dell Barras!
It’s tough being different, especially when you’re a teenager, but Rochelle Planeta is a survivor like none other-a human cockroach! Get ready for a Mind Crash as Rochelle journeys into cyberspace to battle Terrorbyte and stop him from drawing addicted players into his domain!

Rochelle starts off with a quick bout of action in a dark alleyway, featuring 3 thieves battling it out with a female in a metallic bodysuit and glowing yellow eyes. She sends the crooks packing after handling them with a few swift kicks, punches and backflips. The story shifts to a seemingly typical teenage girl pondering the superficial facets of life as a young person. She tries to fit in and does a pretty good job, except she knows she will always be different because…

Her father is a cockroach.

Rochelle’s mother was a hardworking woman who desperately wanted a child. Unfortunately, her mother was duped into a cheap procedure by a back-alley doctor who had actually fertilized her with cockroach eggs. Because of how her mother was victimized by a manipulative criminal, Rochelle has vowed to rid her town of corruption by using her skills as a human-cockroach hybrid.

Other than the secret of Rochelle’s DNA, life seems to go smoothly until a groundbreaking mobile game called “Mind Crash” is released. Before long, there are news reports of children going missing and people having “problems” with the game. Rochelle was just hanging out with her two friends when something very unexpected happened. After hearing a scream, Rochelle walks into the room to see one of her friends being pulled by her ankles into her tablet screen by two blue hands!

Rochelle packs a lot of liveliness into its first issue and leaves readers wanting more after they read the last page. There is some enjoyable themes similar to Poltergeist film and Ant-Man comic series, and all of the different themes seem to come together nicely in the story. Hopefully, the upcoming issues will explore more of the backstory of Rochelle’s origins and delve deeper into the personalities of the characters. All in all, Rochelle promises to be an exciting action, sci-fi adventure that will make readers weary of their iPads!


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