SDCC 2014 Exclusive Tuxedo Sterling Archer

9.2 Overall Score
Sculpt: 8/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 8/10

Fantastic display packaging | Clean paint applications | Surprisingly articulated | Two pairs of alternate hands | Excellent cartoon accuracy

Could use more detailing on suit | Hindered elbow & hip movement


Convention Exclusive Tuxedo Edition

Manufacturer Factory Entertainment

Line Archer

Assortment 6″ Action Figure

Year 2014

Series/Wave SDCC 2014 Convention Exclusive (Limited to 1,500 Pieces Worldwide)

Retail $25.00

Factory Entertainment is definitely getting full use of the Archer license for merchandise. New Archer products include magnets, oven mitts, bottle opener, water bottle, buttons, plushes, statues, towels, lunch boxes, action figures and even a puppet.

To kick off their brand new line of Archer action figures they released this exclusive Tuxedo Stirling Archer at San Diego Comic Con.


Fantastic packaging that shows off Archer and his included accessories. Logo is displayed prominently on the side with the ISIS target in the right corner. The back of the card shows off upcoming Archer figures including Pam, a regular suited Archer & Krieger. Also some of Factory Entertainment’s other Archer products. If you collect MOC, this will be nice for you.






Simple suited sculpt in a 6″ scale (similar size to Marvel Legends). Jacket is molded onto the torso and the bow-tie is attached. Most of the detailing went into the head sculpt but the suit itself probably could’ve used some more creases.



Legs cast in black, arms in beige, hands and face in flesh. Paint applications are clean with no major issues.




16+ POA. Ball-jointed head. Swivel wrists & ankles. Swivel-hinge shoulders & hips. Hinged elbows &knees. Archer is a bit stiff (“phrasing!”) because of the jacket but he’s got a surprising amount of articulation. Only issues are the hips that are a bit hard to move and the hinged elbows.







Awesome accessories! Archer comes with two pairs of alternate hands and a briefcase. One pair of hands includes the cocktail shaker and a drink. The other pair has a pistol and a gripping hand to hold the briefcase. My favorite combination is pistol and cocktail shaker.







Head sculpt is decent and the suit looks just like Sterling Archer’s tuxedo look. Excellent cartoon accuracy.




Factory Entertainment’s first of their 6″ Archer figures was a solid release. I look forward to the upcoming Krieger and Pam figures. If you’re a fan of the show and love action figures, this is for you.







Factory Entertainment only made 1,500 Tuxedo Archer figures were for San Diego Comic Con but a limited number are still available in their online store.


Disclosure: A complimentary Archer figure was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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