Shingeki No Kyojin 3.5 Ilse’s Notebook

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For those of you who haven’t been on the internet lately, Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 12 which was released on December 9th came packed with an OVA Special entitled Ilse’s Notebook (Ilse no Tenchou) which retells chapter 18.5 of the manga just …longer… The focal point seems to be shifted from Illse and mostly features Hanji’s quest to capture Titans.

FYI- This entire recap is a spoiler, though I will try to keep them at a minimum. If you have not read the chapter 18.5 of the manga I strongly suggest doing so, it’s incredibly short and foreshadows some interesting stuff that happens later.

In the manga it’s still uncertain when this story takes place however in the anime it is very clear that these events are happening at the same time as the training of the 104th squad before the opening credits.

The story begins during the 49th expedition outside the wall. With the houses and villages they’re occupying just before they come across a Titan, it’s  pretty safe to assume they are within wall Maria.  Before the expedition Hanji nags her fellow Power Rangers (yes I’m still calling them that) including Erwin to help/allow her to capture a Titan for testing, however no one is willing to do it.

She later takes it upon herself to go it alone and during her chase in “the forest of big ass trees” is interrupted by Olou, who she nearly gets eaten. Levi shows up and ruins all the fun by killing the Titan and saving Olou and Hanji is quite vocal in her unhappiness with this outcome.

This is where we find the prize at the bottom of the crackerjack box (Or the headless corpse in a tree trunk depending upon how you look at it.) This corpse belonged to Ilse, a  member of the Power Rangers who went missing during a former expedition. With her is a notebook depicting the last few moments of her life as well as her former study of Titans. It is this discovery that finally gains Hanji the support from her peers as well as the go ahead from Erwin to capture a Titan. Hanji makes a really cool plan to catch them that doesn’t kill anyone and she along with Sonny and Bean live happily ever after…. until they’re murdered later…
Overall I loved this whole thing….The writers of not just the OVA but the anime in general seem to be doing pretty amazing job when it comes to filler. Yes it’s totally different from the manga yet despite this still managed to keep the feel of the original story and characters. It even included a scene where Olou bites his tongue and falls behind during battle in the background .


A few difference to note: in the manga it was Hanji who initially picks up the journal not Levi, also Ilse’s body is never found. There isn’t a scene with Ilse’s family but again this seemed to be a pretty nice touch in adding that little extra bit of sadness to the story case you weren’t sad enough…

I even found my heart go out to Olou when he was talking about how he should have let the Titan eat him because his life is worthless.To be honest, I never really thought of Olou, even after his battle with Female Titan (again-trying to keep spoliers to a minimum here) but in that moment, I wanted to hug him, I watch episode 21 and I’m sad…how do they do that!? I don’t know but I hope they keep doing it.


In the meantime-SCREENSHOTS! YAY!








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