Shiver Bureau

8 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

Charming characters, cool setting, and fun.

A little too Doctor Who for my tastes.

Shiver Bureau
Created by Walter Ostlie

Ghosts run rampant and Inspectre Pickle is our best hope. Hold on, it will be a bumpy ride.

Shiver Bureau is the story of the fictional British bureau in charge of protecting London from otherworldly baddies. It’s a lighter story, heavy on fun and action and wit. The characters all have distinct personality, and all are likable in their own way. It borrows its lead a bit too much from another popular British series, but it’s a great read, and unique in a lot of ways.

The story, the characters, and the world they live in by far steal the show in this one. Even with the similarities, Pickle is a great character – charismatic, brave, and good-hearted, he may be the new director of the bureau, but he leads by doing. The adventure is his own, but as the rest of the characters fall in around him, nothing feels forced into place, and that’s a testament to the story-telling prowess. Further, to give each character such diverse and interesting motivations and personalities is approaching genius. One thing that sets this book apart from others is, you are almost sure to have fun reading it.

The art isn’t able to keep up with the writing, however, that isn’t much of a problem. With the bar set so high, there’s still plenty of room for quality under it. The character designs are probably my favorite aspect of the art, every one manages to look cool all the time, and they are all different looking enough to avoid any confusion in the story. That’s a huge plus in my book. The atmosphere of the city, and the background of so many panels, are a little less exciting, though. Too often everything is shades of one color, or drawn so roughly that it gives just a hint of the action taking place. Thankfully, that action is not where the book excels.

This book has made a fan out of me, and I hope to see more volumes follow in the future. It’s a bit longer than it needs to be, but the bonuses are nice enough. The story creates people I care about, a world I want to see more of, and leaves enough unanswered questions to make me buy more. And that’s all I can really ask for from a comic.




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