Shovel Knight and Plague of Shadows

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Shovel Knight and Plague of Shadows
Developer: Yacht Club games
Publisher: Yacht Club games
Console: Playstation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC, Wii U, 3DS
Release: June 26th, 2014

Shovel Knight, everyone loves Shovel Knight, well everyone that loves retro platformers love Shovel Knight. I originally bought Shovel Knight on the 3DS but wasn’t really able to get into it but that all changed when I saw that Kratos was going to be in the PS4 version. Normally I have rule against buying a game that I already own, but I made an exception for this game because God of War. Wii U and 3DS versions are getting a Shovel Knight amiibo, but since finding that will be impossible, I don’t have a new 3DS or amiibo reader for my old one and I do’t plan on buying this game on Wii U we can just skip all that.

Shovel Knight is the story of Shovel Knight in his quest to rescue his partner Shield Knight from the Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter. Along the way you also run into Shovel Knight’s rival Black Knight who is a shovel knight wearing black armor.

Shovel Knight plays like a standard platformer, you move from side to side, jump to reach other places and beat things to death with a shovel. You collect treasure that you can use to buy relics from Chester, armor upgrades and shovel upgrades. Beating Kratos gets you the grave diggers shovel that can be turned into the Armor of Chaos. The Armor of Chaos turns all food into green orbs, all magic potions into blue orbs and every once and awhile a defeated enemy will drop a red orb that gives you a fireball shot.

Plague of Shadows is a free update to Shovel Knight that adds in a new playable character, the Plague Knight, in his quest to obtain the essences of all the Order of No Quarter to create a potion that will make him the most powerful. Plague of Shadows is technically a prequel to Shovel Knight but it really only takes place maybe 2ish minutes before the original with Shovel Knight tailing you for most of the game. For example, when you reach the town after the first level you are denied entrance by the guard, after you sneak into the town through the sewers you see Shovel Knight enter the town. In the levels you find relics and then trade them to Chester, Chester then turns around and sells the relics to Shovel Knight. In the Explodatorium level (Plague Knights level) after you reach the end Shovel Knight drops in and you fight him, after winning Shovel Knight sucker punches Plague Knight and claims victory.

Plague Knight’s main weapon is potion bombs that can be changed with different cases, fuses and powders by collecting coins throughout the levels and trading them to your assistant Mona who then creates the upgrades that you can buy from her. You also collect arcana by trading your found relics to Chester. You also get armor upgrades from the Troupple King (long may his stem grow). Plague Knight has a double jump and can charge up a bomb jump but the bomb jump makes landing slippery. Luckily you can buy different bomb jumps from Mona including a float jump which makes everything so much easier because you can just float and rain bombs down on bosses.

Plot spoiler for Plague of Shadows ahead

After Plague Knights 3rd fight with Black Knight it’s revealed that the whole reason Plague Knight is going through all this is because he loves Mona and doesn’t feel worthy of her. He plans on using the potions power to make him strong enough for her. Black Knight tells Plague Knight that Mona already loves him but Plague Knight doesn’t believe him and continues on to the tower of fate to confront The Enchantress. This whole game is about love, Shovel Knight is fighting to reunite with his lost love while Plague Knight is fighting to feel worthy of the love he already has. Black Knight’s motive is also love based as even though he’s not apart of the Order he’s still trying to protect The Enchantress.

In conclusion, Shovel Knight is great and and basically should be played by anyone into retro platformers.




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