Silencing Breath (Stealing Breath #2)

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The characters are amazing and very real!

Some minor editing mistakes.


Silencing Breath (Stealing Breath #2)

Written by: Joanne Brothwell

Crescent Moon Press

Silencing Breath is yet another example of Joanne Brothwell’s ability to breath new life into a crowded and sometimes monotonous genre.   While paranormal and urban fantasy are often flooded with kickass characters who save the day, they are rarely as relatable as the characters found in the Stealing Breath series.  Main character, Sarah Ross is not only strong and smart but she is also vulnerable and kind hearted.  Too often authors in this genre are compelled to make female characters indestructible.  Brothwell does not fall into that trap. Sarah’s willingness to express weakness and vulnerability is precisely what makes her so strong.  Brothwell not only shows us Sarah’s pain and heartache, but lets us experience it right alongside her.

Silencing Breath continues the story of Evan and Sarah, but its constant twists and turns allow for a deeper look into the motivations and emotions of some of the less prominent characters from the first book. In this book, Brothwell both humanizes her villains and shows us a darker side of some of her heroes and heroines.  Her ability to blur the lines between good and evil is outstanding and often left me unsure where my loyalties lie. Not only is Brothwell’s writing beautiful, with stunning descriptions and elegant language, but her portrayal of the human condition is  remarkable!

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