Skoshbox DEKAbox March 2015

9.7 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Variety: 10/10

Excellent packaging & presentation | Large variety of snacks & candies | Creme. Brulee. Pudding. Filling. | Fizzing soda gum | Cute Whiteout penguin | Great value between free shipping & included items


Subscription Box Skoshbox DEKAbox

Theme “A taste of Japan at your doorstep”

Price $24.99 / month (+ optional addition of mystery accessory item for $2)

Shipping FREE US

IMG_20150314_110441Skoshbox is a monthly selection of Japanese snack foods that’s available in the classic Skoshbox for $12/month and the larger DEKAbox for $24.99/month. The DEKAbox includes twice the amount of snacks in full-size packages versus the sample sizes of the classic box. There are discounts for longer subscriptions and the shipping is always free.




The DEKAbox’s packaging is pretty impressive. There’s pictures and phrases cover the entire box and their large origami bird logo is on the bottom of the box. The box itself is slightly smaller than your average shoe box.



IMG_20150314_111117Cola Whistling Candy + Toy

Put the cola-flavored candy in your mouth and you can blow it like a whistle. Pretty straight forward and you get a small toy.

Retail: $2.99


IMG_20150314_111622Toppo Biscuit Sticks

The filling is matcha-flavored, which is a type of green tea. I didn’t know what Matcha was before this, but it’s delicious.

Retail: $3.99


IMG_20150314_111729Puchikuma Land Cookies

Cute bear-shaped chocolate covered pretzel cookies.

Retail: $4.99


IMG_20150314_111547DIY Kit: Tonton Undoukai

Didn’t know anything about DIT Kits either. It’s pretty much an interactive snack that you use the gummies to build little bears that can play games on the enclosed cardboard pieces inside.

Retail: $3.99


IMG_20150314_111414Kissmint Muscat Grape

Grape flavored gum that has a really strong perfumey smell to it. Doesn’t taste super sweet either which is kind of nice for a gum.

Retail: $3.99


IMG_20150314_111329Pureal Strawberry Gummy

These chewy sweet strawberry gummies have a soft center. The only way to describe it is a very strong strawberry taste.

Retail: $2.99


IMG_20150314_111651Picola Sticks

These crunchy cigar sticks have a creme brulee pudding flavored filling.

Creme. Brulee. Pudding.

Retail: $3.99


IMG_20150314_111517Super Cola Gum

Funnest gum ever? Soda-flavored gum with a sour center that fizzes while you chew because of baking soda as an included ingredient.

Retail: $2.99


IMG_20150314_111233Penguin Correction Tape

For an additional $2 you can upgrade your box to have a mystery accessory item included.

This month’s mystery accessory is the Penguin whiteout tape that stands on your desk when you’re not using it.

Retail: $3.99



IMG_20150314_112017Pretty much every single aspect of the DEKAbox has impressed me. It’s presentation with the colorful box and paper-wrapped contents. The large variety of quality (and tasty) items included. The value is also pretty solid with over $33 items included while the cost is only $26 ($24 + $2 accessory item upgrade). While that doesn’t sound like a huge value, you’ve also got to consider the shipping is free and if you’re in the US it’s not that easy to get any of these items.

A nice feature of Skoshbox is their online store sells the included items individually incase you want to stock up on a new favorite. If you’re into Japanese candies and snacks, I recommend Skoshbox’s DEKAbox 100%.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Skoshbox DEKAbox was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.



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