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Beautiful graphics and Smite will play on older computers.

The online gaming community is just as bad as any other. The mute button will be your saviour.

MOBAs, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, seem to be popping up every other month. Since the runaway success of League of Legends, developers have been clamoring to get their incarnation of the genre out to the masses. Unfortunately, most of these are just lackluster admissions to the field and fade from memory shortly after their release. However 2014 brought us the release of Hi-Rez Studios’ vision of what a MOBA could be and that game is SMITE.

Instead of new and unrecognized champions, SMITE places you on the frontlines in the shoes of a god. Currently taking from six real world pantheons, the game has over sixty gods/demigods to choose from. Each pantheon is beautifully crafted with many aesthetic changes having taken place since beta. Whether it be the fur lined cloaks of the Nordic gods, the flowing silken robes of the Chinese pantheon or the jaguar hide loin cloths of the Mayans, each character is carefully sculpted to be worthy of a god. Like its brothers in the genre, each character has unlockable skins to be used in battle. These skins can be purchased using gems or favor. Favor, being earned for competing in one of the six game modes. Gems are awarded on the 6th and 7th day, as part of a daily login bonus cycle. The player can also purchase gems using real currency. Gems and favor are also used to purchase gods, as not all available to the player. Like other games there is a free rotation so you can try out different characters on a weekly basis.

There are five classes to choose from in SMITE. Assassins, known for their high burst damage, mobility and ability to escape dangerous situations (that they routinely put themselves in) are a popular choice for the bloodthirsty. Guardians serve as the tanks on the battlefield. Using an array of utility and crowd control, these behemoths of battle soak up damage freeing up their team to set up picks or get away safely from a losing skirmish. Hunters are your ranged damage dealers. Their ranged auto-attacks allow them to safely fire into battle from a relatively safe distance and pick off enemy combatants with one of their powers. Warriors are well, warriors. Melee masters, they wade into battle swinging mighty clubs and vicious blades. And finally, mages make up the lion’s share of the selection screen boasting 20 selectable gods. Mages can be either pure damage dealers or fill a support role with few being dedicated healers.


The Georgia based studio wanted to give a new spin on the MOBA. And they did it by literally turning it on its side. Taking the traditional top-down camera angle and making it third person placing right behind your god. This gives you a front row seat to the mayhem you would expect when gods do battle. They also removed auto locks and freed up the targeting. This adds a learning curve to SMITE for old MOBA players. Gone are the auto locks or yesteryear as auto attacks are now skill based, and thus, not always guaranteed to land. Don’t worry too much though. So you’re not a keyboard commando? SMITE supports gamepad players. The player will lose a bit of the finesse associated with the mouse but the game is just as playable. The keyboard and mouse will still be required when purchasing items at the in match shop. Leveling a character is just like any other MOBA. Experience is earned by killing minions and enemy gods. This is also how you accrue gold to spend in the shop to buy those crucial items needed to get your god to its full potential. The shop also contains consumables such as mana and health potions and actives that give your god a small momentary advantage.


Sadly, the in-game community of players is similar to that of other games. You will be blamed for other’s performances when they fail. You will be ridiculed when they do better than you. But mostly you will have minimal contact with your teammates. That isn’t to say that they will ruin the entire gaming experience for you but if you have a thin skin, be wary. Having personally encountered players that will go on profanity laced tirades because the rest of the team didn’t follow him on a suicidal dive into an enemy tower, I can say that the mute button can be a very good friend.


Graphically, the game is beautiful even on lower settings. The game will run on older machines at these setting and very little will be lost. The sound and voice acting is amazing. From the snide remarks between gods to the roar of the crowd in the arena after a kill, the audio is always crisp. There are instances of lag, but that has more to do with internet connections than the game itself.
If you’ve tried DOTA or League and want a change of pace, I highly recommend SMITE. If you’re a new player that wants to understand what MOBAs are, I also recommend it. If you’re a League player that is going to join matches and complain about how this game isn’t League, then please don’t. SMITE is available for download at



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  1. Louis January 30, 2015 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    This author is really detailed and encouraged me to actually purchase this game immediately. Great job Sergio, looking forward on reading more of your reviews!

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