Son of Batman (2014)

8.33 Overall Score
Animation: 9/10
Voice Acting: 7/10
Action: 9/10

Animation, and action

Could have been longer. Felt rushed.

Son of Batman

 Dir: Ethan Spaulding

 Jason O’Mara, Stuart Allan, Thomas Gibson


Based on a Grant Morrison a story arch of Batman in 2006, Son of Batman is the 20th direct to video, animated feature release by DC.  The story revolves around an attempted coup of the league of assassins, and the love child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul (Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter for those not in the know).

Deathstroke and a similar band of ninja assassins attack Ra’s Al Ghul and his league of assassins, and in order to protect her son, Talia takes him to his father, the Batman.  While in Gotham, young Damian goes on a quest to avenge his grandfather, and is ultimately reeled in to the world of the Batman, taking up the mantle of Robin (The fourth by my count… if you don’t count the Dark Knight Returns).  The twon then go off together to stop Deathstroke, all the while encountering a variety of villains, from Man-Bats to ninjas to Killer Croc.

Having come off a marathon of Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008-2011), the film was a refreshing return to a mature and darker version of the character, albeit a bit jarring at first.  The opening sequence contained more blood than I have ever seen in a DC animated feature.  Be that as it may, this film still proves that DC does animated features better than most, with the ability to capture a good amount of action and story within a concise running time.  The only downside I found in the film was the pacing was a little too quick for my taste, sacrificing development for action.  But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an entertaining ride.  What stood out the most for me where the scenes between Damian and Alfred, who had some of the best dialogue in the entire film.

The animation was solid, and the voice acting was good, although I have always been partial to the voice of Kevin Conroy as the Batman.  Either way Jason O’Mara did a good job with the role, and Stuart Allan, as Damian was perfect.  His tone throughout the film was flat and even and managed to create a good sense of the character for the viewer.

Overall, the film is worth checking out, and after 20 films in such a short period of time (less then a decade) I think DC has proven themselves in this medium.  I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.  I hope that the next 20 will show the company taking a few more risks and moving away from their big hitters a bit and trying out some lesser-known characters for a change.


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  1. Erus-el May 12, 2014 at 8:27 am - Reply

    To me the movie was excellent, then again it is no surprise. DC (like you well mention) has had an incredible run when it comes to animated features, but I think they should begin to think bigger and outside the pages of the comicbooks. These film bring to life some of DC classics so in the end we are really not seeing any expansion of the universe, we have not had any new stories in a while. It’s a given that these movies do bring a refreshing view to the stories we love, but in the end they are recycling too much.
    I agree that they need to start taking steps in riskier direction, and by this I don’t mean to just make all movies filled with action and sexual innuendos. They need to start reaching out to their other characters, the lesser known of the bunch and give them a bit of a spot-light. DC has a lot of material it can pick up on to create whole new stories in the animated universe.
    They can come and answer questions like “What happened to Bruce and The Sons of the Bat after The Dark Knight Returns?” When are we going to get another Batman Beyond Movie?”, “Why haven’t we explored Earth 2 in the animated Universe yet?” Out of these questions you can pull out a couple of movies. Lastly they need to stop bringing in Batman into their movies. Yes, we have had 20 DC animated movies in a decade or so, but most tittles Begin or End with Batman.

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