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Flavor: 10/10
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Service: 10/10

Homemade, award-winning ice cream | Non-generic taste | Friendly, generous staff | Fun events

Location | Smaller variety than local competitors

Space Coast Ice Cream Sign

Titusville, Florida, knows ice cream. Knows it so well, in fact, that there’s always an ice cream-serving drive-through somewhere within eyeshot, be that Brusters, Sonic, Wendy’s, or one of four McDonalds.

But whenever I’m craving homemade ice cream, or my friends hit me up for an evening-sweets run, there’s only one place I take them—past Sonic’s half-price happy hour, past Bruster’s brownie and sundae delights, and on to Space Coast Ice Cream.

caramel caribou space coast ice creamIt’s unfortunate, though unsurprising, that many residents of Titusville have yet to try Space Coast. Its ice cream is A-class stuff, but it’s located in a modest space just off of a quiet side street near the now-demolished Miracle City Mall—by no means a place of frequent traffic. In that sense, you might call Space Coast Ice Cream one of Titusville’s best-kept (and sweetest) secrets.

A singular operation run as a family business, Space Coast serves all of their ice cream homemade, offering traditional soft-served flavors (chocolate, vanilla, twist) alongside totally original and award-winning creations, such as Maple Walnut, Raspberry Truffle, and Orange Sherbet.

But my personal favorite is their Caramel Caribou, which blends sticky, creamy vanilla ice cream with sweet, gooey caramel and mixes in caramel-filled chocolate pieces as a bonus.

It’s to be noted that Space Coast actually tastes homemade and far from the generic ice cream flavor that leaves a bitter sweetness lingering on your tongue afterwards. Their Peanut Butter Fudge flavor, for example, isn’t overly rich, but constitutes a natural nuttiness more reminiscent of actual peanut butter and less reminiscent of artificial preservatives. It’s the kind of ice cream which makes you scrape the paper cup, or lick off any sticky drops from your fingers, in order to ensure you’ve gotten every little bit of goodness from it that you possibly can.

IMG_1013That being said, you’re not left licking up the last drops for wanting. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small paper cup sample hanging from the window: Space Coast believes in generosity and knows how to stack ice cream. Don’t drive to Space Coast on a full stomach.

I’ve visited Space Coast’s little storefront over half-a-dozen times now and tried at least a quarter of their flavors. While Caramel Caribou remains my favorite, it only just does so. I’ve yet to try a unique flavor at Space Coast that I didn’t like, and I’ve been consistently surprised by my friend’s reactions to trying Space Coast for the first time. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Space Coast does away with the generic, artificial flavors of traditional ice cream chains, replacing them with something much more “churned” and natural.

IMG_1015Occasionally, Space Coast Ice Cream partners with special events, such as car shows and performances by local musicians. It’s also open consistently until 9:00pm most nights of the week, making it an ideal place to hang out with friends looking to grab sweets after dinner. In a small city like Titusville which lacks much of a nightlife, Space Coast brings a bit of fun to an evening “out on the town.”

It’s no stretch of my imagination to call Space Coast Ice Cream the best homemade ice cream in Titusville. There’s literally something for the whole family (from the “double scoop,” to the “kiddie,” to the “doggie”), and it’s all award-winning stuff, imported straight from The Ice Cream Club of Florida. If you’re looking for ice cream with body and bold flavor that doesn’t taste like every other chain restaurant’s cup or cone, you’ve got to try Space Coast.

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