Space Riders #1

3 Overall Score
Art: 3/10
Dialogue: 4/10
Story: 3/10

Highly imaginative | Vividly different style

Simplistic Story | Base Artwork

Space Riders #1

Written by: Fabian Rangel Jr.
Art by: Alexis Ziritt
Published by: Black Mask


Space Riders is a tough comic to review for me. The base ideas behind this book are creative and appeal to those who read comics. We want to see things we haven’t imagined, and have experiences that rival those of dreams. While some of the aspects of this story have the hints of good work, I found it hard to overcome the art style.

Space Riders is roughly about a man who was in a giant space battle, lost his eye, was decommissioned, and recommissioned. As far as inaugural issues are concerned, it sparred us useless pages of exposition and jumped in with both feet. It’s a strange cosmic setting where Spaceships are shaped like skulls and all sorts of races and robots exist.

So let’s tackle the artwork by Alexis Ziritt. Without the benefit of sight, I would describe the art style to passers by as that of the drippy cartoons you would se gracing the sides of GraveDigger. This doesn’t make it bad by any stretch of the imagination, and it is very much in the spirit of what comic books revel in. It’s not my cup of tea, due to the lack of focused anatomy and sense of scale. In my mind, this book is a collection of art that was abandoned on the sides of rest area urinals. However, what I find conflicting with the style is the pure imagination, and the facial acting that Ziritt’s art does display. There is greatness that pokes out through this display, and the coloring is wildly vivid. While I find this art style immature, Ziritt has put a stamp on this book, and I will instantly know that if I see this type of artwork again, it will most likely be Space Riders.

I can’t say I will be collecting this book anytime soon, but if I wanted something 180 degrees from what is in my collection, Space Riders would be exactly the book I’d want.




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