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Fresh-made, daily | Daily specials | Serene atmosphere | Private upstairs study room | Healthy, natural ingredients | Microwave provided | Free Wi-Fi

Certain items only available certain days | Certain foods tend to sell out before afternoon | Occasional difficulty parking

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Ah, Titusville, the little town without a Panera Bread. Luckily, it’s home to something just as wheat-happy: the Sunrise Bread Company.

Paninis and salads aside, Sunrise is more than a match for Panera, with fresh-baked breads made every morning before (yup, you guessed it) sunrise. Because it’s mostly whole grain wheat with all natural ingredients, the health and diet-conscientious need not worry about unwanted preservatives. Those with strong nut allergies may face difficulties, however, as this is a hands-on bakery where the bakers touch everything.

By “everything,” I’m talking banana nut bread, golden honey oat bread, jalapeno cheese bread, marble rye bread, raspberry swirl bread, pumpernickel bread, walnut cinnamon raisin bread… You know what, just check out their full list here. There’s plenty more where that came from, and that’s just Sunrise’s bulk bread loafs! Certain breads are only baked on certain days of the week, while others are made daily, so be sure to check Sunrise’s baking schedule before you visit.

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Typically, when I grab lunch at Sunrise, I snatch up a cheese roll, the “soup of the day,” a smoothie, and (sometimes) a peanut butter cookie. Soup is a newer—very much welcome—addition to Sunrise’s menu, with a new soup made daily. Occasionally, there will be some leftover soup from the day before, meaning you get a choice between yesterday’s soup and the current day’s soup, but that’s never a guarantee. Soups include: broccoli and cheese, potato and ham, and clam chowder. To be certain I’ll like the daily menu, I call ahead to see what is being offered, though the day/soup pairing is almost always consistent.

All soups come with a medium-small roll, usually wheat bread but occasionally herbal or rye. I like to tear mine in pieces and use it to mop up the lingering soup in my plastic bowl, though often I end up devouring the entire roll before I’ve officially started on my soup. Sunrise soup is dished out hot—burn-your-tongue hot—so dipping bits of the roll into the soupy mix to test its heat is often a necessary ritual.

Sunrise’s cheese rolls are greasy, gooey, swirls of delight. Think: cinnamon roll, but with cheese. They’re incredibly savory solo, and even tastier with a side of soup (tear off strips and dunk them in!). Deceptively doughy on the outside, they become cheesier and warmer towards the center, making each bite more rewarding than the last. Heat them up in Sunrise’s user-friendly microwave and eat them warm!

Cookies, muffins, scones, and pastries are all made from natural ingredients and don’t leave a “greasy” lingering aftertaste. Sunrise makes its desserts soft and “thick,” where the natural goodies feels “packed” in. Triple chocolate muffins are moist and heavy. Peanut butter cookies are the size of small saucers and juicy with creamy nuttiness. I rarely get a dessert when dining alone since their sheer size makes them more suitable to split (especially those muffins!), but taking the rest home in a brown paper bag is always an option, too.

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While coffee may be the go-to drink for many a patron wishing to sip, sit, and study over Sunrise’s free Wi-Fi, I more often go for the smoothies. Due to their sheer frigidity, I don’t recommend them on any remotely cold day (but let’s be honest, this is Florida; how many of those do we have?). Sunrise makes their smoothies with real fruit juice. Mango is my go-to, though the “chocolate soy peanut” variant offers something even sweeter for sugar-seekers.

Even if you don’t go for its food (seriously, who are you people?!), Sunrise has an atmosphere that creates a draw, and being just a short drive from Eastern Florida State College and several local businesses makes it a hotspot for lunch breaks and study sessions. Free Wi-Fi and a quiet, upstairs lounge (no kids allowed up there—no exceptions) give Sunrise a serenity unlike Panera’s. That said, those looking to have a comfortable chat with a lunch buddy will find plenty of hub-bub downstairs by the check-out counter.

Because it’s a daily-made bakery, Sunrise often runs out of certain goods by afternoon, including their popular cheese rolls and soups of the day. If you’re looking to grab lunch or dinner there, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan in case that soup, roll, or dessert you have your eyes on has already been swiped off the shelf for the day. The bakery is full of friendly staff most always available to answer a question about the availability of a certain baked good, so feel free to call in advance if you’re uncertain.

If you find yourself in downtown Titusville, Sunrise Bread Company is worth a stop. It’s not always easy to find a parking space (thanks to Café Chocolat hogging most of the lots), but there’s almost always one available. Whether you’re desiring a quiet sanctuary, looking for free Wi-Fi, or needing a healthy, all-natural power meal to jumpstart your day, Sunrise has you (and your carbs) covered.


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