Super #1

8.6 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 7/10
Story: 9/10

Original story | Convincing characters

Details out of place

Super #1

Joshua Crowther, Bruno Chiroleu, Matteo Baldrighi, Chas! Pangburn

Jay Crow Comics


Super is a fresh new story about a teenage farmer boy, Mark Bauer, who has incredible super powers. Sounds familiar, right? But Super differentiates from the countless other super-hero franchises in a unique way; Bauer is the only person on Earth with invincible abilities and his story takes place in real-world scenarios.

Written and published by members of the indie company Jay Crow Comics, Super was crowd funded by Kickstarter and is the flagship series for the up and coming team. The first issue introduces readers to Colbert, a U.S. government military official who is implied to have some ongoing marital problems. Work is very demanding unfortunately, as he is called into a meeting to discuss an anomaly interfering with military operations in the Middle East. Flashbacks to 3 years prior acquaint readers with Mark, a high school senior who has quite a lot to say about the happenings in the Middle East, much to his friend’s averse perspective on foreign relations. Mark has always thought he was destined for greater things than a boring farm life. Unfortunately, Mark comes home to a tragic loss in the family and later tries to kill himself, only to have the bullet ricochet off his skin as if he were made of metal. Back in the present, Colbert learns that no other intelligence agency has any info on the mysterious object, until a photo of a warzone is taken from a satellite at just the right moment. In the picture amidst smoke and debris reveals the source of all the commotion…not a stealth jet or a drone, but a flying man!

Super definitely helps readers create a connection with the story and characters by offering a real world setting. The lack of other superheroes bolsters the idea of Mark as a very special young man that can really change the world. Learning the personal problems of Colbert so early on seems a little out of place, since there is no indication of why he is such an important character. If anything, readers will want more background on Mark, the hero with outstanding strength, and yet very little information is provided on him and his past. The emotion of the characters deliver the storyline and plot smoothly since they deal with problems that actual people have to deal with every day in real life. The uniqueness of this story is definitely the saving grace of this comic and any readers looking for something original should definitely pick it up!



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