Super! #3

10 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 10/10
Story: 10/10

Deadpool parody!

Not enough Deadpool parody.

Super! #3
Justin Piatt
Unlikely Heroes Studios

Apologies for the severely late review, but I’m here now and so is this. As per usual, Super! has only gotten better. I’m grateful to be the one reviewing this title. In this issue, the perfect superhero comic parody included a parody character of the one and only Deadpool. I seem to be the only human being that doesn’t actually like Deadpool. He used to be a great, meaningful character. Now he’s just a clown; a bone that Marvel throws to its fans. An unpopular opinion if I ever saw one, but I stand by it. So…yeah, the Deadpool parody character made me happy.

The art, as always, was magnificent. I love it. It’s perfect in every way. Perfect color and perfect characters. I can practically see the characters jump off the page. It’s great and I’ve already praised it enough, so I’ll leave this part of the review short and sweet.

On to Dialogue. Still hilarious and still cute. I love the enthusiasm that goes into these characters. I think the best word to describe Super! is simply “fun”. I can’t help but smile when I’m reading it.

This issue was just full of surprises. You learn something very interesting about Silhouette. You know, that big, shadowy, green-eyed dude (ahahahaha…dude). [SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read the next sentence if you don’t want to know…] Yeah, that dude’s not a dude. That makes me happy.

Also, Deadpool parody. I’ll never get over the Deadpool parody. Praise the writers! But I think what really makes Super! so charming is the utter chaos. It’s just so…right. If we did have superheroes and supervillains, there would always be chaos. All the time and every where. Super! just captures that chaos and turns it into a work of art.

Seriously, this comic deserves more readers. It needs a mega cult-following. I volunteer to be the president of its fan club. #TheRedMask4Life



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