Super Mario Odyssey

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Super Mario Odyssey
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Release: Oct 27th 2017

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Super Mario Odyssey is the story of Mario’s odyssey aboard his ship The Odyssey. Mario’s odyssey takes him all over the planet in his attempt to wedding crash Bowser and Peach’s wedding because Mario didn’t get an invitation. It’s the same old story, Bowser kidnaps Peach and Mario needs to save her because who else will make him baked goods? This time however Bowser is flying around the world stealing treasures from other kingdoms to build his dream wedding because he is literally a groomzilla. One of the stolen treasures is a sentient tiara named tiara for Peach to wear as part of her wedding dress. Tiara’s older brother, a sentient top hat named Cappy joins Mario on this odyssey so Cappy can save his sister.

The game itself is a 3D platformer, obviously, with Mario running and jumping all over the place. I haven’t played a 3d mario game since Mario Sunshine, when the Galaxy games came out I was in a slump and not really playing many games (that’s why I sometimes go months without reviewing something), so I don’t know what movement mechanics are new to this game or what’s been carried over from the galaxy games. Mario now has a roll because he’s been hanging around Sonic more. He still has a backflip, long jump and spin jump. Totally new to this game is the hat throw which can be used as an attack, to make platforms move or appear, and for the “capture” mechanic where certain unhatted enemies, objects, and NPCs can be possessed and controlled against their will by Mario who is now inside them. Strangely (luckily?) this mechanic is never used for stealth, anything captured grows a mustache and has a Mario hat and all the enemies instantly know that their friend is no longer their friend and attack on site. At one point in New Donk City you have to capture a tank and fight other tanks which made me think of Arkham Knight.

Within the 3D stages there are pixelated warp pipes that bring Mario to a flat surface to play a little 2D section. One of these sections hit me so hard in the nostalgia that I got misty eyed before I realized why.

The game is divided into Kingdoms with the main collectible being Power Moons instead of Stars and in each kingdom you need to collect a certain number of moons to power up the Odyssey so it can fly further to open up new kingdoms to travel to. Like Korok Seeds in The Legend of Zelda, Power Moons are everywhere and you only need about 1/5th to reach the end of the game. It’s good because in a way it doesn’t alienate players that aren’t as skilled as “hardcore” gamers because if they’re finding it to difficult to get a certain moon then their are plenty of others to get so it doesn’t halt progression and you can choose to come back for it later if you decide to try and 100% the game. Aside from Moons there are also coins to collect, the standard Gold coin that can be used everywhere and each kingdom also has a special purple coin that can only be used there. Coins are used to buy new outfits to wear or souvenirs to decorate the Odyssey. They also got rid of the lives system so when you die you just drop a couple of coins. Mario has a health bar and can take 3 hits before dying but there is a special heart that doubles your life until it runs out or you die. You’re given everything at the start, you can’t upgrade your health or ;earn new moves as you go along, what you have is what you get.

Aside from Bowser Mario must also face off against the Broodals. The Broodals are a group of rabbits, not to be confused with rabbids that Mario fought in his other switch game, that are Bowser’s wedding planners. The Broodals aren’t really interesting as characters and I would of much rather seen Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings, that way we could of had 8 unique fights instead of 4 doubled. There are also other bosses but I don’t want to spoil anything else…

I had some issues with the controls like I really couldn’t run in a straight line and I don’t know if that’s on the game’s controls being a bit loose, the joy-con thumb stick being a bit sensitive, or me just being unable to control my shaking thumbs in my old age. Sometimes aiming to throw Cappy was off and I was having a hard time slightly turning. When hanging on a ledge there doesn’t seem to be a button to just drop down or I didn’t hit it. The game recommends using the joy-cons unattached to make use of motion control but I mainly play my Switch handheld, because my HDMI splitter is full and I’m to cheap to buy another one, so I couldn’t use motion controls without flicking my whole Switch around while looking at it. That’s not really to much of an issue because most of the stuff you use motion controls for are just hat throws that can be done without it except the homing attack which was practically essential for one of the puzzles, luckily it wasn’t a story mission and could of been skipped with no consequence

All in all Mario Odyssey is fun and when it comes down to it that’s what you should be looking for in a Mario game, so if you have a Switch and on the fence get it.

I’m ashamed for doing that



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