Sus Hi Eatstation: Loaded Rice Fries

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Fairly priced | Flavorful toppings | Complmentary dipping sauce | Great for group-sharing | Easily the best appetizer at Sus Hi

Greasy aftertaste | More American-inspired than Japanese | Bitter scallions

m5WGqXmFAFi6uAWatch out Panda Express! There’s a fast-food joint in town… and it just so happens to be a blackbelt.

Recently, I wrote about the wonder that is Sus Hi Eatstation—an upstarting, ninja-masked face in the world of Japanese takeout. Since that initial review, Sus Hi has expanded its clan’s power in the areas of both merchandising and public recognition. The local dojo now includes multiple shirts and other merch for loyal ninjas, and the Sus Hi clan recently took home the Brighthouse Networks Regional Medium Business award.

Striving to keep up with its ever-growing influence, Sus Hi has continued to expand its list of available “nom nom’s.” The latest arrival on the menu?




Essentially a traditional patty of sushi rice, wrapped in seaweed, and deep fried; Sus Hi’s rice fries kick things up a notch with melted cheese, juicy bacon bits, crunchy scallions, and spicy jalapeno pepper rings.

Of course, if you’re sensitive to spicy foods, want to avoid the extra calories, or prefer your cheese “loose” and un-blowtorched, then Sus Hi is—as always—happy to accommodate YOUR style without any objection. For a dollar less, you can get plain, unloaded rice fries, but the taste pales in comparison to what you’ll receive for just a buck more. Having tried both, I can personally attest to this.

I opted out of the jalapeno peppers, but took up my ninja’s offer to melt the cheese over my rice fries. After requesting an extra cup of white sauce, I paid for my loaded rice fries and sushi bowl and found a comfortable seat in the dojo.

My first impression: Sus Hi loaded rice fries are… fried. Nori Tempura’d, to be specific. And while they aren’t dripping with grease—or even sponged with enough grease to leave much of a formidable stain on the paper lining—these rice fries taste saturated in something distinctly fattening. The deep-fried moisture lingers on the tongue long after consumption—something heavily contrasted by Sus Hi’s smooth fish slices, which leave a clean aftertaste in the mouth.


In addition, loaded rice fries resonate with all-American flavor. Bacon, cheese, scallions—these are ingredients you’d expect to find in a loaded baked potato or barbeque sandwich. In Japanese rice fries? Not so much.

That’s not to say that this bold combination of American and Japanese flavors is an exercise in foolishness. On the contrary, the blend of flavors knits rather seamlessly together in a manner reminiscent of Sus Hi’s “Party Ninja” bowl. However, purists of traditional flavors may see this combination as a dangerous marriage—one, they will begrudgingly have to admit, sits well with Sus Hi’s overall themes.

For the most part, the flavor works, albeit the combination of sushi rice with deep fried cheese and bacon may confuse and off-put more culturally-sensitive taste buds. I found the overall savor to be agreeable enough, though the deep-fried “thickness” left a semi-greasy film on my tongue—one that lingered there throughout the rest of the evening. Dipping the rice fries in creamy white sauce definitely helped to mitigate their heavy moistness; I highly recommend requesting a cup of your favorite sauce to dip your fries in, if, for no other reason, than to add some extra flavor. Individually, each ingredient tastes of freshness, though I found the scallions uncharactistically bitter.

Personally, I found the deep-fried… er… fries to be a bit overloaded and overbearing on my stomach. The grease left a musky film on my tongue and left my stomach feeling slightly gorged. In small doses, the loaded rice fries add just enough diversity to your favorite rice bowl, roll, or wrap, but if you aim to eat all six of them on your own, they may prove to be too much. As a fun appetizer to split with friends over lunch, however, it’s hard to go wrong with loaded rice fries.

For just $4.00, Sus Hi’s six-pack of loaded rice fries isn’t likely to break your budget. That, and the fact any dipping sauce of your choice comes at no extra charge, makes them easily the most deserving appetizer on the ninja honor roll.



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