Task Force Rad Squad Presentz Cakestor Cawmix #1

6 Overall Score
Art: 5/10
Dialogue: 7/10
Story: 7/10

Sure has style!

I know it's intentional, but I still feel spelling should count.

Task Force Rad Squad Presentz Cakestor Cawmix #1
(W)Caleb Goellner, (A)Buster Moody, (C)Ryan Hill
A Goellner Moody Publication

Cakestor Cawmix reads as a kind of origin story for a villain who will grace the pages of TFRS #1. It’s short and sweet and lets you know exactly what you can expect from the regular book.

The art style is a little too busy for my tastes, but I can see a lot of people really enjoying it. It has that kind of frantic, mad pace about it that was so cool to do in the 70s, so it feels a lot like a throwback with a million modern day puns. Even if you don’t dig the homage, the art is still tolerable, and the style gives these books a very strong identity all their own.

The story this issue may be quite formulaic, but it does ooze with the same style you can expect from the regular story, which makes it a painless introduction, not only to the villain, but to the heroes and the world also. You might not like the jokes and puns and memes, but at least you’ll know with little investment. And you might love it! And then you’ll know it’s time to move on to the larger books. It’s a bite-sized way to plan your time, something I think is a great idea.

The comic does feel a little gimmicky, and some of the stereotypical jokes fall a little flat, but overall, this was pretty enjoyable. It has a strongly defined style, and that style may not be for everyone, but if it is for you, I bet you’ll want more.


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