The Colonel’s Adventure Comic #1

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Art: 9/10
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A true story! | Colonel Sanders face on almost every page

Tone of writing

The Colonel’s Adventure Comics #1

Dan Burke, Andrew Dearling, Rodrigo Coronel



Comic lovers! Your prayers have been answered and your dreams have come true! There is now a comic series all about the history of Harland Sanders…better known as Colonel Sanders, the famous creator of the delicious and nutritious Kentucky Fried Chicken! (sarcasm). I’m not quite sure why KFC thinks that the world really needs a comic series about their fast food, but they have surely outdone themselves with delivering the Colonel’s history with grandeur and all-American zeal.

Readers’ burning desire to know all of the major events in the Colonel’s spotless history can quench their thirst by taking a gander at finger lickin’ good issue #1.  It starts off by detailing the Colonel’s life before he became the Colonel. He was born in Indiana and he ran away to join the army when he was a teenager, married young and did a lot of odd jobs in the south. By fate, he survived a dangerous car wreck, because we all know he was destined to create the famed Original Recipe! Most of the juicy details of the Colonel’s story paint a pretty picture of an underdog who made it big after trying hard for many years, to which we have to give him credit.

The artistic style of this comic fits the story perfectly, lines and figures are reminiscent of early 1900s style. The colors are bold and striking and readers are guaranteed the huge (and slightly unsettling) beaming face of Colonel Sanders on every page. The writing tells the story in first person, so it’s like having a conversation with the legend himself! The story is told in a very direct and ardent tone, which comes off as somewhat forceful and also condescending. For children, this is a great way to teach them about the history of the Colonel, for adults…this is a very funny way to teach the history of the Colonel.



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