The Final Plague #3

8.5 Overall Score
Artwork: 9/10
Writing: 8/10
Dialog: 9/10

Great strong artwork that fits the story, multiple POV

I got nothing.

The Final Plague #3
Action Lab Comics


So here is the 3rd offering of  The Final Plague from Action Lab Comics, and it continues on with the dual story line of rural Iowa and the Lab in New Jersey.

The writing is as strong as ever, and it hit me more in this book than the previous two, that this story feels real, the people feel real. One fallacy of comics is the tendency to use over the top characters, but here its real characters dealing with an over the top situation, and what with the two points of view, you get to see a very wide range of characters reacting. The pacing and action stays in the same vain as the other 2 books, and most writers would be tempted to ramp up the action in the middle to keep people interested, but its restrained to kicking up the action when it makes sense to do so. Rather than have this Plague spread like wildfire, it’s slower, and it’s not quite at the zombie mobs yet, but its development and people’s reaction to it keep the reading pretty interesting.

A lot of what feels real about the characters is how they deal with each other more than anything else. Nobody is one dimensional, the stern father is scared, but fights it to reign in some control. The lab doctor is dealing with someone else’s mess as best she can, but is bordering on full blown panic. These little snippets of what these people are dealing with it’s a great sense of the world they pieced together in the book.

I still like the art, the stylized creepy feel during slow bits and the hyper aware action panels adds a lot to the writing and dialog. Keeping the abstract gives you the ability to fill in the some of the visuals like reading a novel, but also having the art lead you to what the creators want you to see, and then to the action panels that much more poignancy. Sometimes in books the art serves the writing, and in other books it’s vice versa, but it feels like here it’s an even split.

The short and skinny is that this third entry is as strong as the first two, and keeps me guessing as to what way they plan on going.




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