The Li’l Depressed Boy: Supposed to be There, too: #1

9 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialoque: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Damn, this book does emotion really well.

Now I have a bunch of new back issues to buy...

The Li’l Depressed Boy: Supposed to be There, too: #1
(W)S Steven Struble, (A)Sina Grace
Image Comics

I’ve never read Li’l Depressed Boy before, so this was a pleasant surprise to me. The art is on the simple side, but to great effect, and the story is complicated and believably and completely relateable. This is one of the best new-to-me books I’ve read and I’m depressed that I’ve been missing out all this time. At least trade paperbacks are cheaper than having bought all those individual issues.

Like I said above, the art is a little on the simple side, with detailed characters and almost non-existent backgrounds, muted colors, and nothing that isn’t the primary focus of the panel. It’s done to great effect though, as that’s kinda exactly how it feels to be depressed. You barely manage to focus on one thing, and everything else fades into obscurity. Simplicity as a statement about the subject matter! It works out really well, taken as a part of the whole.

The story is much the same way. There isn’t a single instance of greatness in the dialogue or story, but if there were, it wouldn’t belong. The story drags you along just like Li’l Depressed Boy drags himself along, and it is powerful. A quick pace or snarky dialogue wouldn’t make sense. Again, this is simplicity as a statement and it does add to the whole.

I feel like I’ve been missing out one something special. I am embarrassed to have overlooked this series for so long, and I am going to correct that right away. If you’re radically different than the main character, maybe it won’t be as powerful for you, but if you’re just an ordinary person who has friends and passions and just tries your best to enjoy it when you feel like you’re not really getting it, I think you’ll dig this.




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