The Melvins – Tres Cabrones

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Solid album with humor.

Nothing bad here.

The Melvins
Tres Cabrones
Ipecac Records

This album from 2013 is another fine entry into the ever-expanding Melvins’ catalog and worthy of note for featuring their original drummer Mike Dillard holding the beat while Dale Crover plucks it out on bass. Dillard’s only recorded appearance had been in the awesome Mangled Demos from 1983 which should be in your collection. “Dr. Mule” opens it up with groovy metal fluctuations that give in wholeheartedly to Buzz Osborne’s psychotic guitar work. The metronome on that track is arena worthy.

“City Dump” goes for grunge while the follower, “American Cow” dials-it in with some awkward experimentation that is equal parts noise and gothic pastoral if that makes any sense. All good and dandy before things get apocalyptic children’s lit on acid with “Tie My Pecker to a Tree.” “Psychodelic Haze” achieves everything it sets out to do right by its nomenclature before revisiting whacky children’s nightmares with their take on “99 Bottles of Beer.”

That routine is broken by the atmospheric paranoia of “I Told You I was Crazy” before getting some good drone with “Stump Farmer” and closing out their cheeky trio with “You’re in the Army Now.” “Walter’s Lips” is 80’s punk with chops before tidying up the album with the righteous rocker “Stick ‘Em Up Bitch.” Solid album but for those who come in expecting Crover’s percussion work, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by Dillard’s chops.

It certainly gives it a slightly different flavor, but the Melvin’s have always been consistent in their output, even when varying it up a bit.


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