The Order: 1886

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/10
Story: 7/10
Visuals: 8/10

The story is okay.

The gameplay.

Developer: Ready at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Console: Playstation 4
Release: February 20, 2015

Yes this game is short, but it’s not all about length it’s about what you do with it. Unfortunately The Order doesn’t do much with it. Also I’m gonna get spoilery because why not.

The Order is a single player, 3rd person cover shooter set in a steam punk London that’s infested with werewolves. You play as Sir Galahad but not the original because sometimes NPCs call you Gray or Grayson. The story is that after finding the holy grail the knights of the round table drank from it and gained an extended life and continued to work as knights for the queen. When one dies they pass on their title to their apprentice.

The game starts off with Galahad in prison as you escape by hobbling around slowly around and do a couple of quick time events. After that is a flash back where you’re called in to protect the city from escapees, poor people running around in bath robes, so I think they’re escaped mental patients. Eventually you’re fighting rebels and occasionally werewolves. Eventually you meet the rebel leader and she’s an attractive woman so obviously you switch sides, but only after she shows you that you’ve been working for vampires the whole time and burn down a shipping warehouse full of them. Then at the end you literally become Batman. That is not a joke, at the end Galahad is kicked out of the order while still a fugitive to protect it’s secret which is basically the end of The Dark Knight, and during the credits they show him brooding on a roof top at night.

Fighting werewolves is frustrating, they use hit and run tactics and if there’s more then one in the room while trying to finish off one the other can come and blind side you. There’s a trophy for killing 10 werewolves that you get pretty late in the game which leads me to think you only fill about 11 or 12 in the whole thing. The first time you run into a werewolf you’re exploring a hospital basement and you come across a guy eating another guy, he then slowly stands up and starts transforming as Galahad stands there instead of SHOOTING HIM IN THE HEAD REPEATEDLY, after that point I would purposefully fail quick time events just to watch Galahad die because he deserves it. You never fight vampires, there’s one that gets stabbed in a cut scene then that’s it.

There really isn’t much to the game play, it’s all one long hallway filled with guns and chest high walls. Galahad’s movement speed is slow to discourage exploration but there really isn’t anything to explore, the little side paths usually just lead to dead ends with nothing to show for it.

You can carry 2 guns, a big gun and a side arm. All the guns are pretty much the same except for 3, the arc gun which shoots lightning and would be awesome if it didn’t take a couple of seconds to charge up, the thermite gun which is awesome because you shoot thermite clouds then ignite them, and the detonator which is a grenade launcher.

(Side note: Thermite was originally discovered in 1893, I realize this is an alternate time line with sped up weapons technology but it still bothers me.)

I don’t recommend this game but if you feel you need to play it then Redbox it, you’ll beat it in an afternoon and you can return it before you get charged a second day.

Also if polygonal nudity is your thing, in this game there are 3 boobs and 2 penises. This has nothing to do with anything I just wanted to point it out.




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