The Sweetness #1

7 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 8/10

Awesome introduction.

That dude's bro is just slightly terrifying...

The Sweetness #1
(W) Miss Lasko-Gross (A/CA) Kevin Colden
Z2 Comics

The Sweetness by wife and husband duo Miss Lasko Gross and Kevin Golden follows two badass female intergalactic smugglers of a mysterious controlled substance who cater to the unique tastes of alien drug addicts.

The Sweetness may just win an award for having a cover least related to anything actually in the book. I’m sure the gnarled teeth and odd x-ray vibe might come up in a later issue, but this is a perfect case of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Still, the story is interesting and the world it’s set in quite fascinating. It’s worth a read just for that alone.

The first few pages sets up an Earth regularly visited by alien lifeforms, but with a treaty to keep them and their culture completely apart from ours. There’s a tiny bit of MIB in there, and the task sounds impossible. Just as the reader’s mind is startling to swirl with questions and possiblities though, things change pace to a rather mundane FedEx delivery in space. It’s a shame, really, as we’re teased with something much more interesting than the majority of the book, but what we do get isn’t exactly bad. The story is a little linear, moving from one scene to the next with litle conflict or consequence, but that’s easily enough forgiven in a #1. Still though, things never get cooler than the first few pages, so everything ultimately feels like a let down. Following issues are really going to have to ramp it up to match the potential that was thrown away on page four.

The art is pretty good, and what it lacks in details it makes up for with style. Things may feel a little flat, but there’s a cool retro-sci-fi vibe to it all which really makes the book more fun to read. Every body has a wild hair cut, there’s nose art on all the ships, and while the corporate settings are a bit bland, the rest of the world is full of color and contrast.

This is an odd case, because I kind of feel let down twice, but I still like what I got. I may not understand why things start one way and just completely jump ship, but the bulk of the story is interesting enough, the characters are easy to like or hate, and the world around everything sounds cool as heck. Not a bad start, once you get over the awesome false-start. I hope issue 2 features more of that, though.



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