The Terror of Punks: The Horror Comic

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Teaches about comic book history | Original art style

Story is too confusing | Shock value

The Terror of Punks: The Horror Comic

Joshua Hale Fialkov, Kody Chamberlain

Image Comics


Punks is certainly a bizarre comic that may leave readers a bit confused at first, but it actually teaches a very valuable lesson about the history of the comic book industry. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), is an organization that has helped protect the First Amendment rights of comic book creators since its founding in 1986. Punks may come off as ridiculous and perhaps even vulgar, but its meant to pack a ton of shock value in order to create awareness of the absurd rules that comic creators had to abide by.

Punks starts off by showing the actual comic code of conduct that specifies the topics that comic creators were not allowed to include in their work. Topics such as crime, religion, and marriage came with an array of restrictions that if broken, would result in the comic getting banned. Creators Fialkov and Chamberlain deliberately make sure that the storyline of Punks breaks almost all of the codes of conduct. First, the comic starts off with a criminal looking to rob a house, but instead he discovers a grim scene with a skeleton and blood everywhere. From there, the story takes many odd turns that make almost no sense, but every scene includes a rule being broken. There is even a footnote on every scene detailing readers which exact code of conduct is being broken.

The artistic style of Punks is very original and delivers some of the laughs all on its own. Instead of the traditional drawn style of most comics, Punks features a cut-out style made to look like someone took scissors to a newspaper and glued random pieces together to create a scene. The story flow is what really flaws this comic, because readers will most likely focus on the sudden and confusing story shifts instead of taking notice to the lesson that the creators are trying to teach. Also, some readers may think that this comic packs a little too much shock value, like with random medical diagrams of male reproductive organs, for example. Hopefully, readers will appreciate what the creators of Punks are trying to show them, and they even end it with showing a chart of many famous comic franchises that would’ve gotten banned for various breaches in conduct. If any comic lovers like being hit with bombshells and awe, then this is the comic for you!



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