The Walking Dead #98

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Story: 10/10
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Too Damn Short

This new issue of The Walking Dead is so intense (god I hate using that word but it’s appropriate) that I devoured it in less than five minutes, stood up and said “holy shit” and then read it again immediately. I know Kirkman and company are gearing up for the big 100th issue in six weeks but the setup that began last issue doesn’t even compare to what happens in these 32 pages. If you’re a diehard fan and haven’t read issue 98 yet you should probably return to Facebook or whatever other sites you troll, sign out, get to a comic shop right now and read this instead of reading my spoilers.

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead**

Abraham’s dead, shot through the brain with an arrow. Negan’s people, unhappy about the brutal encounter last issue, followed Rick’s group back and ambushed Abraham and Eugene while they were out looking for supplies. A showdown ensues at Rick’s compound where Eugene bits the penis off one of his captors, leading to another violent confrontation. It’s one of the more exhilarating issues of The Walking Dead I’ve read in a while and considering they’re leading up to a double sized issue in less than two months I’m horribly curious where the story’s going and who’s going to die in the next two issues. Hopefully it isn’t Glen, Carl or Andrea.

The cover, similar to last issue, isn’t anything special but I guess I’m spoiled by Adlard’s stunning exteriors each issue. Now I know why they’re getting these out every three weeks—they’re skimping on the covers but not the insides, which are once again beautifully rendered by Adlard. The way this artist conveys emotion is fantastic and I can’t think of another contemporary artist able to match him. I’m sure some disagree with my assessment but for this book Adlard has created the perfect visual aesthetic to complement Kirkman’s story. Hopefully this book will continue for decades to come. Hopefully I won’t die in a fiery plane crash or have a heart attack in the next six weeks (I should quit smoking) because I need to see where The Walking Dead goes with issue 100. Until then I have the first two issue of the ‘Something to Fear’ storyline to quench my desires; unfortunately, these issues are always too short and leave me wanting more.

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  1. Proclamation June 8, 2012 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    One of the best comic books on the planet!

    • Emmanuel Malchiodi June 8, 2012 at 7:44 pm - Reply

      Totally agree. It’s the primary reason I still read comics. 

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