Things You Shouldn’t Remember #1

8.5 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

Solid concept.

More a collection of disjointed scenes than one solid story.

Things You Shouldn’t Remember #1
(W) Luis Roldan (A/CA) Mariano Eliceche
Darby Pop Publishing

Dozens of people from all across the United States suddenly find themselves recalling random things: song lyrics, places, and events that seem to have been erased from both collective memory and recorded history. Fearing the spread of a virus-like plague, a mysterious group known as “The Handlers” is tasked with hunting and destroying those who recollect. But, does the end justify the means? And what if you were the one whose mind was unwittingly filled with things you shouldn’t remember? Things You Shouldn’t Remember serves up a cocktail of adventure, horror, and humor in a story that will keep you guessing… and make you wonder if your own memories should be trusted.

Things You Shouldn’t Remember #1 isn’t exactly much of a story, but it does a great job of being interesting any way. Really, just a collection of loosely related scenes, the comic revolves around some kind of secret society tasked with suppressing folks who have unwelcome memories, and within issue 1, we know little else. Are these people aliens? From another reality? Waking up from the effects of mind control drugs? It’s all unclear, but my curiosity is still hooked.

The art isn’t overly detailed, but few things are vague either. The colors are solid, there is depth on every page, and the characters are vivid and unique. It’s all perfect for a comic – not so flashy you’re distracted from what you’re reading, but detailed enough to make what’s happening perfectly clear.

There isn’t much of a solid story in this first issue, but the characters are solid, and the atmosphere is fascinating. While jumping from baseless scene to scene, these killers and the world they live in does plenty to keep me turning pages, and looking forward to more. I’m sure it will all come together soon, and when it does, I have confidence I’ll be even more invested.

This is a solid book, especially for a first issue with so many secrets. You immediately like several of the characters, the underlying mystery quickly becomes clear, and it asks enough questions without leaving you floating in a big nothing. It’s a great effort, and I hope you’ll check it out. I can’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy it.



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