Tiger & Bunny: Episodes 1-5

8 Overall Score
Animation: 8/10
Fight Scenes: 8/10
Theme: 8/10

A fun series with well thought out characters and plot.

I can't think of anything bad that this series would have to offer.


Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny is a beautiful anime series. A combination of anime artistry and CGI, a bit like which was done in Appleseed: Ex-Machina in 2007. Tiger and Bunny or  Taig Ando Ban as it’s known in Japan is the story of Wild Tiger, an old fashioned superhero who won’t change his ways to get along with the new generation of younger and more established heroes.

The days of superhero lore have come to an end and in a futuristic city of NC 1978 where being a superhero means you have to be sponsored by a corporation, it’s hard for the old heroes to find a company that cares enough to put it’s name all over their uniform. This doesn’t help the stubborn Wild Tiger as most of his older hero friends are either retired or dead and he has no idea of changing anything about himself, and is a stickler for the old ways of being a hero.

Wild Tiger is basically the last of the “NEXT” who were super powered individuals which appeared in the city over fifty years ago, and took on the bad guys. Now a days though the villains are mostly pre-manufactured by Hero TV, a Reality TV Show run by million dollar corporations who all want to get their hero in the series and on television, and too; in the end become the “King of Heroes”, but Wild Tiger wants none of it until he is pitched with his new sidekick Barnaby Brooks Jr., who is quickly nicknamed Bunny because of his funny looking ears and quick agility.

It seems that whenever the city is in trouble, and Tiger and Bunny set out to save it they have to sway through a wave of other new heroes, and some how Bunny usually seems to come out on top, which makes Wild Tiger feel like squat amongst the rest of the heroes and Bunny. I watched the first five episodes, and so far in every episode Bunny shows up Wild Tiger. At this point Wild Tiger and the rest of the world are wondering who is really the sidekick.

Tiger & Bunny remind me of the movie The Running Man, but with superheroes and some cooler characters. Some of the other heroes in Tiger & Bunny are:

1. Blue Rose – A high school girl with an attitude and ice powers.
2. Sky High – A hero who is able to control the wind and is also the current “King of Heroes”.
3. Fire Emblem – Able to manipulate flame at will, also my favorite character in the series.
4. Dragon Kid – A master of Kung Fu who is also able to summon lightning bolts.
5. Rock Bison – A hero who relies on brute strength, but has swore an oath to only use his powers to protect others.
6. Origami Cyclone – A master of disguise, and a shape shifter who at times thinks he is more of an actor than a hero.

I can say that Tiger & Bunny is a definite favorite of mine when it comes to the newer anime which is hitting the states. People are saying that anime is dead in America, but I don’t see it, with great shows like Tiger & Bunny hitting our shores I don’t see anime going anywhere for a long time.

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