9 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 10/10
Story: 9/10

The story in itself is interesting to say the least.

Written By: John Ulloa and Al Bondiga
Art and Design By: Juan Navarro

In the series of events that happen in this short comic its telling the story of a little boy with an imaginary friend that just so happens to be a murderer. With the vulgar language and the graphics presented in the storyline, it would appear that this story is not for younger readers and would be preferred to be read by a more mature audience.

The story in itself is interesting to say the least. It appeals to the action and the mystery portion of the readers brain that makes you wan to proceed to read more and more and am extremely disappointed at the ending when a reader realizes that they’ll have to wait for the next issue to see what happens next.

The main character Tommy is shown as a kid that is terrified of his psychotic, murdering, imaginary rabbit friend that really is an actual little fluffy bunny named jack that Tommy has as a pet. While the boy is alone his imagination goes haywire and creates a world around him that is truly terrifying but as soon as the mother comes around his world is disrupted and the rabbit is just that, a rabbit.

The story starts out with the perception that the boy just has a very active imagination that is violent and scares the little boy, but by the end of the story the appearance of the “imaginary” friend would actually just be the boy creating another part of himself in a split personality of a mentally unstable rabbit.

All in all the story is very well written and illustrated to the extent of having the readers’ nose so stuck into the story that when they reach the end, they’ll be waiting eagerly and excitedly for the next issue to see what happens next in the series of events. Considering the spin at the end of the first issue, I believe everyone will be anxiously, but patiently waiting for issue two to come out on the market.



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