Trap Team – Tuff Luck

8 Overall Score
In-game: 7/10
Paint: 8/10
Sculpt: 9/10

Blades do above average damage and her speed is what makes this character relevant.

Already disadvantaged as a melee character.

The second of the three newest Skylanders: Trap Team Trap Masters to be released is Tuff Luck, a Life-aligned cat lady (not THAT kind of cat lady … she is an actual cat) with some serious green Traptanium blades. Now this second and final Life Trap Master (unless you count the upcoming Toys R Us-exclusive Legendary Bushwhack) can now be a part of your collection, so does the figure and the in-game character impress enough to warrant a purchase?


Tuff Luck’s physical sculpt is definitely one of the best we’ve seen yet with Trap Team, especially when compared to the depressingly lame fellow Life Trap Master Bushwhack. The pose she stands in conveys a lot about her physical prowess and speed, and her Traptanium blades are on par with Lob-Star’s throwing stars or Wallop’s hammers as one of the cooler sets of Traptanium weapons. Right down to the small details of her face, Tuff Luck is a wonderfully designed toy with a lot of personality. My only real complaint is that her in-game personality and backstory don’t make a lot of sense when compared to her poorly spelled name and excellent sculpt. Why is she Irish? Is it he “luck” part of her name? Ok, then why is she a cat? Why is “tough” spelled as “tuff”? As nice as the toy itself is, the overall character just doesn’t gel as well as some.

As a side note, it is a testament to the sculpt that Tuff Luck is the first Trap Master to receive the “crystal (i.e. clear plastic)” chase variant treatment. Even with no painted detailing, the toy is still instantly recognizable as the character. This hasn’t always been the case with crystal variants, as Cynder’s variant was tougher to identify as Cynder without the benefit of packaging. Tuff Luck is clearly (pun intended) Tuff Luck, crystal or not.


Tuff Luck wins again in the paint category. With stricter color separations than the somewhat airbrushed-looking Blastermind, Tuff Luck is extremely detailed, right down to her claws and facial features. The paint on the base of the figure, as has been the trend, isn’t as detailed and dynamic as it could have been, with the sculpted leaves blending into one another because of a severe lack of more than one or two shades of green. Considering the detail on the figure bases has been sliding since Skylanders: Giants, it feels unfair to single out Tuff Luck for this reason. Still, imperfections are imperfections and negatively affect the overall score.


As I mentioned a moment ago, Tuff Luck doesn’t quite gel as a character the way most Skylanders do. Lob-Star is a lobster who has throwing stars. Makes sense. Grilla Drilla is a gorilla with a drill attached to his lower abdomen. Again, makes sense. Ninjini is a ninja and a genie. A third time, makes sense. Tuff Luck is an Irish cat who apparently can’t spell. Huh? The naming/design may be a mystery for the ages, but Tuff Luck makes up for it by being a fairly decent in-game Skylander.

Already at a disadvantage by being a melee-based character (TFB nerfed all the melee characters for this game for some reason), Tuff Luck isn’t going to be the strongest fighter you have. Her blades do above average damage (after upgrading and leveling, of course) and her speed is a nice bonus. Her secondary power, though, isn’t all that useful. Being able to leave a trail of poisonous clovers has almost no practical use, and the sting is worse when you consider tier two and three (and below) characters like Blastermind have useful, intelligent upgrades and powers.

If you want to complete Trap Team, you’ll need a Life-aligned Trap Master. Between Bushwack and his painfully stupid acorn hat and Tuff Luck, you choice should be more than obvious. Even though the character doesn’t make a lot of sense, this Trap Master’s toy and in-game persona make her an easy recommendation.

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