Triggerman #1

9 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Dialogue: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Solid characters, great story, and FANTASTIC setting.

So bleak!

Triggerman #1
(A) Matz, (C) Walter Hill, (W) Jef
Titan Comics

Locked up for a life of murder, Roy Nash never thought he’d walk the mean streets of Chicago again… let alone rescue his beloved, Lena. But when the city’s Mafia elite spring the notorious gun-for-hire to handle one last assignment, Roy once again finds himself thrown headfirst into a life of bloodshed and bullets as he sprints a breathless race to save the girl he left behind. From legendary screenwriter and director Walter Hill (The Warriors, Red Heat, Last Man Standing) and French comics Matz, comes this hardboiled crime thriller set in the bullet-ridden streets of 1930s Chicago.

Titan Comics delivers another hit with Triggerman, the story of a mob hit man dealing with crime, corruption, and cops. This one hits on all cylinders, grabbing the reader’s attention from page one, and not letting go until the final panel. It’s a joy to read, and while the characters may shine, it’s the setting and period atmosphere that steal the show.

While it may not be perfect, the art is top notch, with very few missteps along the way. The characters are unique and well drawn, the details are crisp, and the action is clear. If it weren’t for the necessary blandness of the period, I would say an overuse of browns may be the only flaw to complain about.

And the story really clings to the reader. It’s got strong characters aplenty, some to like and some to hate. Our protagonist may be a cold-blooded killer, but his motivations are completely relatable, and I found myself actually rooting for him as everything was uncovered. It’s got solid writing, solid dialogue, and solid story.

Titan has really impressed me lately. I enjoy their period pieces much more than I expected, and Triggerman is no exception. Unless you just can not stand mafia/cop dramas from the Roaring 20’s era, I would highly recommend picking this one up and checking it out.



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