Valentino’s New York Style Pizza and Restaurant

8.4 Overall Score
Taste: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Variety: 9/10

Stand-alone, satisfying pizza with unique flavor | Atmospheric restaurant | Expansive menu with lots of variety | Take-out or dine-in | Family-founded and operated

Take-out occassionally results in a lukewarm pizza | Pizza loses flavor as it cools | Considerable dine-in wait time


Like all good restaurants, Valentino’s carries a legacy—in its particular case, one that stretches back some 100+ years to nostalgic, family-secret recipes emigrated from Italy itself. Maybe that’s why Valentino’s is my instant go-to for pizza in my local area. It feels personal. It’s not part of some chain dealing out processed dough in pre-measured portions. It’s hand-tossed, home-cooked, and original—not your average Little Caesar’s or Domino’s slice of pizza.

Upholding New York tradition, Valentino’s keeps their crust thin and powdered—soft in the middle, crispy and browned near the edges. It avoids the usual “thin crust” crunch, but also isn’t doughy. Biting into a slice of Valentino’s pizza, I know what to expect—lots of cheese, a solid crust, and just the right amount of grease. The flavor is a fine-tuned balancing act between dough and toppings, resulting in a perfected texture and taste. Because there’s no waste of excess dough, Valentino’s pizza leaves you feeling like you’ve devoured a legitimate pizza, and not a pan of bread flavored with melted cheese and meat sauce.

At its best, Valentino’s offers a wholesome, filling pizza—one with that “secret-recipe” taste you can’t get from chain restaurants. Eat it in-restaurant, and it’s guaranteed to be steaming and warm, with cheese melting and stringy (and guaranteed to burn your tongue, too, if you’re overly ambitious—I usually start off by cutting the first slice into bite-sized portions with my fork while waiting on it to cool).

valentinos pizza titusville

You can order take-out, too, though I’ve had more mixed results with this method. There’s the odd lukewarm pizza, which requires you to heat it up in the microwave or oven upon arrival at home. A lot of the flavor is lost along the way as the pizza cools, so I recommend eating it as soon as possible while it’s still warm. Valentino’s isn’t a pizza that grows “stiff” upon cooling, but the warmth of its gooey cheese makes it unenjoyable any other way.

As it’s a family-owned-and-operated restaurant, Valentino’s is more than happy to accommodate your preferences. A 50-50 pizza is no issue for them (Half peperoni and half veggie? You got it!), nor is a flatter, crispier crust (Sicilian is an option, though it’s pricier than the average saucer). Wait time can seem lengthy, but only if you’re eating on-site. Pizzas are generally made fresh-to-order, meaning that wait is worth your while. A big-screen TV and classic arcade games provide more than enough entertainment for the not-so-easily stimulated.

Atmospherically, Valentino’s resembles a darkened Italian pub, with painted murals along the walls and lamp-lit tables—pleasantly noisy among the TV, gaming, and clinking of dishware, and bustling with life and excitement. It’s a family-friendly environment, oddly sophisticated and inviting without being exclusive.

Pizza may be Valentino’s forte, but it’s far from alone in its excellence. Valentino’s cheese steak hoagies and calzones are worth the trip, too. Calzones come at a generous size, though their simplicity often makes them a better side dish to split among friends than a solo meal. Cheese steak hoagies, on the other hand, are made to satisfy, packed with juicy meat and a choice of peppers, onions, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mushrooms, and drizzled in Italian dressing. They’re a meal in their own right, or the perfect meal to split in half with a friend over an additional pizza plate. Hoagies come with a handful of potato chips, though they’re often soggy with grease and hardly worth picking at.

cheese steak hoagies and calzone valentinos

While pizza is definitely the drawing point for Valentino’s, they also offer a variety of Italian treats—from dinner plates to desserts—that are worth experiencing, so I encourage any frequent customers to experiment with the menu.

If you’re in the Titusville area, looking for something more unique than Pizza Hut or Dominos, Valentino’s is an affordable, worthy consideration. Located in the Sears Town Mall, it’s an ideal place to eat before/after heading off to the mall theater for an afternoon showing, or if you happen to be attending one of the cosplay/comic book/tabletop gaming events held at the Infinite Mushroom Comic and Game Shoppe—located just a short walk away.

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